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Friday, December 17, 2010

The BIG HOLIDAY OUTLET SALE (SMX. December 17-20, 2010)

Let's go!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miniature Dream. (Makati. November 2010)

Back view.

I was walking around Glorietta with my bestfriend Jaz when I saw this necklace. I just couldn't resist, I'm a camera magnet. No matter how small it is.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cozy Tianenmen. (Makati Ave., Makati. October 2010)

First of, I'm so sorry for the not so clear photos. My bloo is not impressive in the dark. Plus, I wasn't particularly clickity that evening. I just wanted to have dinner.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dessert Night! (Red Mango + Cafe Breton. Greenbelt, Makati. October 2010)

Red Mango was cozy.

I've been working from home the past 2 days that I felt like I was gonna self combust if I didn't move my arse off the bed (yes I work on my bed). I just had to go out and eat something cold to cool my head. So off to Greenbelt I went.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fever! (Fort, Taguig. October 2010)

GBS PH. Halloween Party.

We had a party last week at the office. I was too swamped with work to dress up though. Glad everybody had a blast! Next halloween, I'm gonna have fun, promise!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Where is Ebun?!

I was in Greenbelt last night and look what I saw! My favorite Greenbelt resto is missing! Waaaaaahhh! Where did Ebun go???

Friday Night At Side B - The Collective. (Malugay, Makati. PH. October 2010)

We planned on having dinner at Central, but the place was packed! So we decided to walk a bit to The Collective to find a place to eat at.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soup Kitchen - Feeding Program. (Real Life Foundation, Pasig. October 2010)

Real Life Foundation, pasig City. PH.

This October, I went to a feeding program for kids in Pasig. The program is facilitated by Real Life Foundation, an amazing group, helping kids and sponsoring weekly feeding programs for the local kids in Pasig City.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breakfast At Legazpi Market. (Makati. October 2010)

Open sundays in Legazpi Village Makati, 7am to 2pm. We saw a local actor (upper left), can't remember his name.

Had to have something different to eat yesterday. Was supposed to go to Lung Center, but it was too far. Decided to just take a jeepney to Marvin Plaza and walk two blocks. (1, 2)

I Found Heaven in Wheat Nuts! (October 2010)

I hate nuts. I just eat them when I don't know it's nuts. But this one is different, I love it! It's just weird that they call it wheat nuts when its nut free. LOL.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Foodie Budget Traveler - FBT Just Crossed Seas! (Bohol-Cebu. October 2010)

Had myself a little time off to relieve some unwanted stress from work.

Planned this trip way before I thought I'd be swamped with work. Good thing I met the deadlines the Friday before I left. I had to stay at work till 1am Saturday morning just to make sure I can enjoy the weekend. As usual, this is just a teaser post, until I can find time to post everything in detail.

I wish life would be just about traveling and seeing the world. That would have been awesome. Where can I find a job like that?!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10.10.10 Pasig Run Sets World Record!!!

Pinoys set world record for Pasig run
Posted at 10/11/2010 3:08 PM
pdated as of 10/11/2010 3:22 PM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mabuhay Electric Bicycle : Eco-Bikes for Dealership. (Makati. September 2010)

Awesome bikes! 

I was amazed at these eco friendly motor bikes I saw in the Pinoy Trepreneur fair in Glorietta.

I found out that they can all run using only electricity. Super environment friendly! It will not emit smoke and will only cost you only 13 Php per charge. Isn't that awesome?! At around 25,000 Php, you can have a cute eco-friendly bike to show off to your friends. To think it only costs as much as a cellphone. An IPhone is more expensive.

Are you joining? : A Run for the Pasig River 10.10.10

My race bib, sponsored by my company. (250 Php)

If I can't go home for my friend's wedding on 10.10.10., i'll be running for Pasig instead (3k only. hehe!). Through the Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP) Foundation, the marathon will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest eco-foot race in the world.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Weapons of Choice. (October 2010)

Centrum. Straight from the US.

My mom gave me these multivitamin tablets. I'm worried it'll make me eat like a pig, but I fear getting sick more. Esp. now that I will be uber busy at work for the whole of October. I try to remember taking one everyday.

Shift Resto Bar (Makati. October 2010)

We were not drunk. We just look like it. The rain was too hard on us!

It was raining hard and after our non-stop eating at Hizon's, we needed a place to stay while we wait for the rain to stop. We've never been to Shift, so we thought it would be best to try it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hizon's Grand Food Tasting Event (Makati. October 2010)

I got an invite for the Hizon's Grand Tasting Event in Makati. I missed to go to the last one because I had a flight to Tacloban. I was so happy that I got another chance to go.

I was supposed to go with another set of friends but one of them cancelled, so I went with Melds and Jaja instead.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miguelito's Fried ice Cream. (Makati. September 2010)

I've always been intrigued by what they call fried ice cream, so when I saw this in Pinoy Trepreneur, I tried it right away! I was having sweets overload that day and I just needed ice cream to complete my day.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scramble King. (Makati. September 2010)

Free taste! Unlimited toppings!

My last ice scramble for the day in the Pinoy Trepreneur trade fair, and probably the very one that made me sick was the one from Scramble King. Aside from the fact that it was free, they allowed customers to get as much toppings as we wanted.

Scramble Rambol from Bicol. (Makati. September 2010)

Ice scramble at 17 Php, large cup + 4 Php for the chocolate toppings.

This was my second cup of ice scramble at the Pinoy Trepreneur trade fair at Glorietta last September 25. I loved that they poured lots of powedered milk into my cup and a handful of those kisses shaped milk chocolates.

10.10.10 Wedding!

My friend Tin is getting married in 10 days!!!

***gotta buy a dress!***

Ice Cramble. (Makati. September 2010)

There was a Pinoy Trepreneur event in Glorietta center last September 24-25, 2010. One of the first establishments I saw was the Ice Cramble (ice scramble) kiosk.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Craving for Good Coffee. (7-Eleven, Fort. September 2010)

French Vanilla Coffee from 711.

Who would have thought a cup of coffee from 711 could taste oh so good? My friends have always asked me to try this but I always refuse. Know why? I did not like the packaging. I can be superficial like that. Haha.

Kirby's Chicharon from Cebu City (September 2010)

Yummy! Yummy!

Mom was just in Cebu and she brought mo two packs of this super crunchy chicharon. It was my first time to eat from a vacuumed pack. Hehe. It was soooo good, I wanted to eat it with rice!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunzibar Cafe - Mexican Restaurant (Tacloban, Leyte. September 2010)

Sunzibar. Tacloban, Leyte. September 2010.

We were caught by the cool name, Sunzibar. Charm saw it in the internet and thought it would be a nice resto to try. It was hard to find the resto because the resto had no sign in front of the place sporting the Sunzibar name. It was hidden beside a dental clinic and was an unlikely place for such a nice restaurant.

We finally found it around 9am, just in time for breakfast, only to find out it opens at 10:30 am Mondays -Saturdays. The facade was under construction and we thought it was temporarily closed indefinitely. We were heartbroken.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suha from Davao! (September 2010)

Suha at 55 Php per kilo in Davao.

This was supposed to be for my mom (she's in the province), but she wasn't able to get it in time. It would have been such a waste if i let it rot, right? It was so sweet and juicy! Yum!

Tight Shorts From Bangkok. (September 2010)

front view.

Got this pair from my twin super friends who were just in Bangkok. It barely fits me and it makes me wanna die!!! Must lose (LOTSA) weight soooooon!!!

Supreme Bowl - KFC (Makati. September 2010)

Supreme Bowl - Italian roman (?) at Php 105.

I had this for dinner the other night. Now I'm craving for the Chinese Imperial version.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Krispies from Bangkok! (September 2010)

3 for 100 baht. Krispies from BKK. Super yummy!

Thanks twins!

Stalk Exchange - Vegetarian Restaurant (Leyte Park, Tacloban. September 2010)

Stalk Exchange, Leyte Park. Tacloban, Leyte. PH.

Charm and I were looking for a nice place to eat at, so we decided to go to Leyte Park. We saw the park the night before, when a couple of police officers offered to give us a tour of Tacloban down town while (on their mobile patrol!) looking for Cafe Urbana (now closed according to Stalk Exchange's owners).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Binondo Photo Walk Teaser. (Manila. July 2010)

Photo by Charm Tamba. Binondo Manila. July 2010.

I was back in Binondo for a photo walk because my friend Charm was in Manila. She's from Zamboanga (Mindanao!). Hope to post all the photos soon!

Yogi Berry Frozen Yogurt (SM North, Quezon City. August 2010)

I try almost all froyo joints I see. So when I passed by Yogi Berry, I just had to know if it's any good. I loved how colorful the place is, so much so, that you will notice it when you walk by.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pregnancy Shoot - Sheilla's Gabriel. (Taguig, September 2010)

Everyone loved this shot the most.

My friend Sheilla is due next month and I promised to shoot her and her belly before she gives birth. Yesterday, we had the whole afternoon to shoot, but ended up using only an hour or less because we didn't have enough sunlight to use.

Red Ribbon Lunch and Vicky Morales. (Taguig City. July 2010)

Random lunch out.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

99 Bowls at Super Bowl! (Gateway, Cubao. August 2010)

My mom was here in Manila last August and we had dinner before she went back to Bicol. She wanted some chinese so we went to Super Bowl.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FBT (Foodie Budget Traveler) was just in Davao, Mindanao! (September 2010)

Shooting some dead wood at Eden Park, Davao.

See where 97 Php worth of round trip Cebu Pacific tickets got me! Davao was amazing! I want to post everything soon! But I haven't even started with my Ilocos post yet. Plus, I will be having another trip soon. I'm swamped! But I love it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gloria Jean's Chocolate Macadamia Chiller Treat. (Fort, Taguig City. September 2010)

Cure for my sweet tooth. Thanks Fons!

I knew I just had Starbucks yesterday and because commercialized coffee has too much calories and they cost a fortune, I try to minimize consumption to at least twice a month (if I can manage that! Haha!).

But today, I just had to fight the calories, 'coz this cup was a treat from my friend Fons. So that's almost a guilt free delicious coffee frappe. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rain + Starbucks = Love. (Taguig City. September 2010)

Warmth and love in a venti cup. :)

It's been raining all week and I managed to catch the flu. I thought a warm cup of milk would do the trick. Let's hope I get well before the week ends.

Pinoy Ice Scramble! (SM fairview, QC. August 2010)

I was uber thrilled when I saw this kiosk near the movie theaters. I was craving for sweets and ice scramble was the best cure. Awesome part is, it had toppings! How cool!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Visit to Manila South Cemetery (August 2010)

I really thought Jesus looked handsome here.

We were having a pretty tough day so we decided to have a quick photo walk before it got dark. The Manila South Cemetery was just a couple of blocks away and seemed the best option for some interesting subjects.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Krispy Kreme Love. (Gateway, Cubao. August 2010)

Mom was here last week and she said my lil sis was requesting for Krispy Kreme. No KK yet in Naga so I had to oblige. I haven't eaten these in ages. Too much calories!

i Heart Froyo! (UP Diliman. Quezon, City. August 2010)

We were on our way to UP Diliman to shoot when we came across this cute little joint in the Teacher's Village. It was a Sunday and the streets were empty. We were glad the froyo shop remained opened.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pat and Lee Home Cooked Food (Makati. April 2010)

Sizzling Chicken at Php 130. Can serve 3-4 people.

I was craving for this sizzling chicken that night. It was yummmmmmyyy! I loved the sauce and the mushroom. Feels like home made food. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mango Bravo from Conti's. (Serendra, Taguig City. August 2010)

I had some sinful cake a while ago! Oh temptations never stop mocking me just when I decide to start losing weight! grrrr! But who am I to resist this Mango Bravo when it stares at me with those beautiful frozen chocolate coated mangoes? :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

First try - Yogurt Nation (Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. May 2010)

We were supposed to go to Cafe Juanita for an afternoon snack only to find out that they only open during lunch and dinner. We walked around Fort looking for a new place to visit when we saw Yogurt Nation. Yogurt Nation just opened when we first visited their place.

Charlie Chan Midnight Snack. (Yellow Cab. Ayala, Makati. May 2010)

Midnight Snack!!!

Jami's Send Off Dinner at Kalye Juan (Mall Of Asia, Pasay City. May 2010)

My not so little (anymore) cousin, Jami was leaving for the US last May. We had a send off dinner (courtesy of Tita Girly) for her at Kalye Juan in MOA.

We were opting for North Park but Kalye Juan was a more inexpensive alternative. Plus, I honestly think that it was more worth our money (or tita's. Hehe.). I don't think anyone was disappointed, they loved it. 

My looney family. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


May 30th, 2006 by Ezra Montemayor

They think I don’t have you. But oh, they are wrong. They couldn’t be more wrong. I used to think so myself but you knocked me back to my senses. In the clarity of my mind, you exposed yourself. Bared everything I’ve been meaning to see and feel. I couldn’t comprehend how it happened that you have always been with me. I was confused, maybe I still am and I tried to substantiate your existence by trying to come up with a concrete rationalization of how you moved me, but I can’t. So I dare not define you. ‘coz you have caught me offguard. you come in many forms. Blend so inconspicuously. I almost didn’t recognize you. Before you came, I thought I knew what your existence meant. I was being confident. I don’t know a thing. I can’t classify you, put you in one box. You are so much bigger than that. So much more complicated despite the notion of your simplicity. I’d like to think I chose you, but the coincidence of my world conspiring to meet yours is much more than my doing. You are beyond my control. I have tried so many times to define how you’ve enchanted me, but I end up with all the wrong explanations. Wrong conclusions. I challenge not your existence for fear of losing you. I want to believe how real you are, how real you make me feel. I wasn’t aware that you can do all these things to me. Make me fly and drown at the same time. I ran out of breath just thinking about you. How your presence and absence put me on the edge. Constantly taunting me. Making me cry for a million different wonderful reasons. I still think I can go on without you. I can. But I choose not to. You turn my world in circles and I’d rather have that, than not be moved at all. Sometimes I don’t understand. Actually, most of the time. I’ve given up on trying to have an absolute explanation of what you are. I can’t define you. How can I not define you? Have I become so stupid that all reasons have escaped me? or maybe, just maybe… I need no reason to have you. Wouldn’t that be a happy thought. all I know is that what you are, is more than my earthly mind could justify. It’s how you make me feel. I can’t explain it. You make me cry and laugh at the same time. If I didn’t know it was your doing, I’d say I was crazy. There is no second that you have left my mind. I can’t escape you no matter how I try. I remember how you made my insides flutter everytime you glimpsed my way and gave me that knowing smile. I still feel that way. Everytime. Oh how you make me feel. It’s everything at the same time. It’s the little things that make me smile, though. How you always manage to make me feel special no matter how useless I can sometimes feel. And you don’t even have to say anything to make me feel that way. It’s the way you whisper in my ear just before I fall deep into slumber. How you watch me sleep and keep me safe until I open my eyes to see you once more. How you dismiss all my imperfections and focus on me. It doesn’t matter how ugly I can be, you always make me feel beautiful. And when I worry about anything or anyone.., I just think about you and realize that what really matters to me is what you think. Nothing else. Just as long as you’re in me, I am safe. Many times I have felt so alone. Sometimes, scared out of my wits. All those times, I’ve held on to you. You kept me company. Kept me safe. I thought you would let go one time and I never felt more in pain. I wanted to let go myself but I couldn’t. it would hurt more to see you go. You are that one thing that makes me breathe. Move. I didn’t think anything or anyone can do that. Especially to me, considering everything I’ve gone through. Still, now I am stronger. I’ve prepared myself in case the world conspires to take you away from me. Fear makes you do that. But you are stronger than fear. So for now, I will linger in your arms. I will let you cradle me until the thought of the possibility that you can fade disappears. Then I will be a child again. Where I will believe that I can have everything if I just pray hard enough.

And I will hold you in my arms and never let go.

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