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Monday, November 1, 2010

Friday Night At Side B - The Collective. (Malugay, Makati. PH. October 2010)

We planned on having dinner at Central, but the place was packed! So we decided to walk a bit to The Collective to find a place to eat at.

Side B looked like a nice place to hang out in. Sadly, they had no real food to offer. They just had some pica-pica and beer. They didn't even have T-ice. Hehe.

Chili cheese sticks at Php 130. Yes 8 pieces of tiny sticks, not worth it.

Nachos at Php 200. This one I loved! I never thought I'd be eating pickles! The cheese was spread generously. Yum! This one had a big serving. :)

Outside Side B, they had a DJ playing in front of disco lights. I loved the purple rivers of light. Would have stayed longer if I didn't have to go back to work (October sucks!).

The Collective's whole atmosphere was awesome for me, it just lacked people. But the fact that not a lot of people go here is what makes it attractive to me. It would be like a quiet place to go to in the afternoon. Or drink beer at and still have space to whip my hair (back and forth! lol!). In a matter of time it'll click, I know. Soon I hope!

Check out the Hummer Limo! And that mural on Side B's wall.

Side B. The Collective.

The Collective.
7274 Malugay Street,
San Antonio Village Makati, Philippines

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