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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale (April 30-May 2, 2010)

Travel period (September 1-30, 2010).
I was able to get my Boracay tix (through Kalibo) for only 900+ round trip. :)

Il Padrino Cafe (Fairview, Quezon City, PH 12.2009)

The first and last time that I was in Il Padrino was last 2009. I'm posting it here because I could not forget that delicious pizza with huge cheeze! My God, just thinking about it, is making me droooooooooool!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me! ♥♥♥

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Having a large serving of Brownie frap (Php 160) in Greenbelt. :)   

Thank you for another year my Lord.
For all your blessings.
For always keeping my family, safe and healthy (always the best gift!).

For everything.  ♥ ♥ ♥

Wibiya - Web Toolbar

I have a new discovery! A toolbar for my "Click Ezra Click" blog!  (Look at the footer)
Check out WIBIYA!

Just create an account and it will create a toolbar for your blog. You can even add applications of your choice in the toolbar.

My problem is, I have two blogs, and I don't know how to create a toolbar for this blog, without creating a new account (that would be redundunt right?). So if you have any idea how to do it, shoot me a message!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guzia Cafe (Makati. 4.08.10)

My colleagues and I were so hungry one late night after work that we decided to go to Saguijo for dinner. It was past 11 pm and we did not know any decent open resto near our street, so off we went to Guijo st.. Just when we where entering Saguijo, I saw this purplish Guiza Cafe sign just up ahead. I always like trying anything new (and cheap preferrably), so I suggested we go in the Guzia Cafe instead.

The colors were really inviting. :)

Book Fair! (IS, Fort. 4.20.10)

My boss invited me to a book fair in her sons' school (International School in Fort, Taguig City). Had to wake up really early (730 am) so I can enter the school with her. I didn't think I can get any good buys, but voiiiillaaaaa!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coron, Palawan. (Philippines. June 2009)

Copied this post from my multiply account, where more stories are detailed in each of the photos. I did not take note of the actual costs and other IT must knows (because I didn't think I would create this travel blog), but I attached a copy of the proposed itinerary prepared by Sheila before the trip.

I just wanted to share how wonderful Coron is.  I want to go back!


I went last June 27-29, 2009 w/ the twins and Etz. As usual it was super fun! The place was BEAUTIFUL! Amazing I tell you. :)
Listed is the summary of our stay. More stories are detailed in the photos in multiply. You all have to go!

Day 1 :
Seadive resort
Coron Market
Mt Tapyas
Maquinit Hotspring
Kawayanan Grill

Day 2 - Island Hopping
Coron Village
Siete Pecados
Atwayan Beach
Banol Beach
Kayangan Lake
Twin Lagoon


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Clear waters! If I knew how to swim, I'd be jumping over the boat every five minutes!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aveneto, Pizzeria. (Makati. 4.08.10)

It's been a while since I ate in my fave resto in Glorietta so we decided to have lunch there. Pizzeria was first introduced to me about 3 years ago when my operations lead treated the team for dinner. I was happy about the inexpensive but delicious pasta and pizza. The servings are huge too!  :)

We ordered Meatball Parmigiana --- but the waiter gave us this, Hungarian Sausage Parmigiana (250 Php). So we asked for the meatballs again.

Good Friday Procession (Bulan, Sorsogon. April 2, 2010)

Last year I didn't do the procession because my cousin said I didn't need to do it. This year, I forgot she told me that so I went and walked barefoot for two hours.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pinatubo Crater Teaser. (Capaz, Tarlac. 3.28.10)

I trekked Mt. Pinatubo last month! I'm still finding time to post about it. :)
Wait for it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sabang. Bulan, Sorsogon.

What to do on a sunny Good Friday? Shoot, of course! We were in Bulan for the Holy Week and I had nothing to do but lull around the house, so I asked my sister to give me company to Sabang. 20 minutes after, with the help of the sun setting and lots of boats, I think I got some good shots. :)

Bulan is my birth town, and I was excited to shoot parts of the place for my blog. Bulan is a little town in Sorsogon, 14 hours away by bus from Manila. See a glimpse of how beautiful my home town is. I wish I could exhibit these photos in Bulan where my fellow Bulan locals can see it. (Just daydreaming! Hehe.)  :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lung Center Sunday Market (Quezon City, PH.)

There is a Sunday market in Lung Center every week. When I feel like it, I go there to take photos. The goods are cheaper than the ones in Legazpi Market in Makati. It is also open from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

I wrote this entry in multiply at the beginning of the year. Just thought, I'd put it here because this set inspired me to start my photo blog.

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Looking for hearts in UP Diliman. (QC. 10.18.09)

I go to UP Diliman once in a while to shoot. The campus is full of trees and the natural feel of the place really relaxes me.

I had fun finding hearts everywhere. Do you see them? :)

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Legazpi Market, Makati.

Legazpi Market is a Sunday Market located in Legazpi street in Makati (near Ayala). Every Sunday when I wake up earlier than 12 noon and I have nothing to do, I always consider going to Legazpi Market to eat or just take photos.

It's filled with good food and beautiful people, it'll make your Sunday a relaxing day. My friend VJ has a friend (forgot the name of their store) selling some awesome Paella at the back of the market, try to visit it and try their various takes on Paellas.

I want to share the below post from November of 2009. If you want to see detailed descriptions of the phots, go to my multiply account for more.


I went to Legazpi Market (Makati) alone, one sunday coz i wanted to shoot. I had fun! Went to greenbelt w/ a friend later that night (Fish and Co.), hence the beer.

Legazpi Market is open from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm every Sunday.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Flagellation (Bulan, Sorsogon. April 2, 2010)

I ran out the door in my undershirt when I heard my 12 year old cousin shout, "Penitensyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!". Only two men did the sacrifice this year in Bulan. They were passing by our house when I came.

I struggle to take a shot with my Canon D10, only to realize that Bloo (D10) did not have a memory card! I was downloading photos when I ran out. Argh. I shout to my cousin to get the SD card from my laptop, when I realized as she ran out, that I had an extra memory card in the fanny pack I was wearing.

By the time I put tha memory card in place, the Penitensya men were already 10 feet away. I ran towards them in an attempt to take closer shots. I was wishing I had my Igit (Canon S5is) in my hands. His power zoom is amazing. I wouldn't have to worry about the blood splattering all over me everytime the men will hit their backs, if I was using Igit. Still, I managed to get some decent shots when the men stopped to rest.

Morning acitivities on a Good Friday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Halo Halo sa Sabang! (Bulan. April 2, 2010)

A sweet treat on a hot day! I promised my baby sister (8 yr old, okay, not a baby anymore) an order of Halo-Halo if she accompanied me to Sabang beach to shoot. She willingly complied knowing she'll be fed after. :)

After the shoot (photos will be shared later), we went to Christel's Burger to eat their yummy Halo-halo. My sister ordered an additional order of spaghetti.

Sabang Beach, Bulan Sorsogon.

Funny story, when we were about to pay for our orders, I realized that I didn't have cash on me. Good thing, Danica remembered that she put her Php 200 in may fanny pack. Talk about embarrassing, my baby sis paying for our food. Haha. (I paid her later that evening).

Home Cooked Meals (Bulan. April 2, 2010)

Check out what I had for lunch that day! I love the food in the province. Hehe.

Cucumber Salad, Fried Tilapia, Spicy Squid in Coconut and Fern Salad.

Molino (Magsaysay Ave., Naga City)

I went to Molino last holy week 'coz i was so excited to eat their yummy Adobo Bits! Plus I was meeting two of my super friends for dinner (and drinks).

Molino Grill is newly renovated. It was closed for months I think and they just opened recently, just in time for the holidays. I liked the new place, it's cleaner and more presentable.

Adobo Bits at Php 135. I was so disappointed because it was not crispy like it should be. I complained to the waiter but he said that there's nothing he can do if the chef  (he called him 'Cook') made it that way. I didn't want to get upset and return the plate coz we might get the "spit treatment" from the waiter. Plus, I was having so much fun laughing with the girls.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beanbag (Naga City)

I looooooove the coffee in Beanbag! It keeps me awake for hours! During college, coffee here was my cure for drunkeness after an all nighter from Clubmate (a club beside Beanbag in Magsaysay Ave). A Caramel Macchiato would always keep me decent when I finally decide to go home. LOLz.

I had this Caramel Macchiato (Php 80-tall in Magsaysay Ave.) last March 31, 2010 after drinking booze of course. Haha! I always order this coz it's my favorite drink.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bastian's Food Garden (Polangui Albay)

I went home (Bicol) for the Holy Week. From Naga, we travelled 6 hours to Bulan. Enroute, we had lunch at Bastian's Food Garden. The food is expensive but tastes great! Besides, it's expensive because it's one of the regular bus stops of vehicles going to and from Sorsogon.

I've been here lots of times and I'll try to blog about the other times I've been here. They have a mini zoo and I took photos before. This time I was too sleepy to take photos of the animals in the zoo. They have baby crocodiles (I'm scared shitless of crocs. They give me nightmares!). 

Lomi at Php 45 (small); Php 80 (medium); Php 140 (large)

Read and Brew. (Fairview, QC)

Because of RNB (Read and Brew), I started dreaming of having a homey cafe just like it, where students like to just sip coffee and eat good food or just chill. Also, it would be like my gallery for my photos that I'd like to frame. I wish I could just flick my fingers and make it happen! Haha!

The place is always full because of the ambiance I think, not to mention the good food and the kind service.

If I lived near here, I'd be a constant patron. I could just fall asleep here. Haha.

Cowboy Express Grill (Fort, Taguig City)

Tagged along for a quick lunch with officemates in a nearby building. I didn't eat again coz I was full, just wanted to take photos. :)

Chicken Inasal (w/o rice) at Php 125. (+20 if w/ rice) They said, Bacolod chiken is still better.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hai Bar Birthday Party!

A colleague needed a party for her birthday so I decided to invite everybody for a drink before going home. I think she enjoyed herself. Haha. **wink!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dayrit's flop. (Fort branch)

Went to lunch with my colleagues in Dayrit's near our building. I wasn't hungry so I just took photos. Glad I didn't eat because the food didn't look good enough to eat. They looked like something I would prepare. And mind you, I am terrible in the kitchen. Haha. They said, there was nothing extraordinary in the food either. It was expensive and the servings were small.

Callos Ala Madrilena at 215 Php

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