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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book Fair! (IS, Fort. 4.20.10)

My boss invited me to a book fair in her sons' school (International School in Fort, Taguig City). Had to wake up really early (730 am) so I can enter the school with her. I didn't think I can get any good buys, but voiiiillaaaaa!

I got lots of comic books for my baby and some medical references for my sister rat (she's taking nursing). Also got some pregnancy books for a friend. For me, I got photography books for as low as 50 Php! I looooove it!

Some of the books for sale go for as low as 5 php. Amazing! Haha! My boss said that last year, she got lots of management books. This year, they have more fiction books instead.

 The book fair will last until tomorrow I think. Sorry for the late advise. Yellow stickers are 70 Php, red are 50 Php and white are 20 Php.

Total bill : 730 Php for 19 items. Not bad!

My colleague went back and got 50% off on everything! waaaaaaaaahhhh! I'm so jealous!
Whatever, I was 2 days early, so that means I've had more books to choose from. I prolly did not want what he got. LOL. bitter. Haha.



Nagi said...

Aw, you're so lucky you got in that book fair. I love book fairs and you got 19 books for such price. What a steal! :)

ezra said...

i know! it was awesome!

ezra said...

but u know i hardly had time to read all of them. some are unread until now. argh.

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