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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sabang. Bulan, Sorsogon.

What to do on a sunny Good Friday? Shoot, of course! We were in Bulan for the Holy Week and I had nothing to do but lull around the house, so I asked my sister to give me company to Sabang. 20 minutes after, with the help of the sun setting and lots of boats, I think I got some good shots. :)

Bulan is my birth town, and I was excited to shoot parts of the place for my blog. Bulan is a little town in Sorsogon, 14 hours away by bus from Manila. See a glimpse of how beautiful my home town is. I wish I could exhibit these photos in Bulan where my fellow Bulan locals can see it. (Just daydreaming! Hehe.)  :)

I asked this kid, a balot vendor, to stand on the edge if he can. He gladly obliged.

Another kid who wanted his photo taken. I forgot to ask their names.

Now with color. It was nearing sunset.

This is one of the tables in one of the cottages.

Lots of boats were parked near the shore.

Some locals were swimming that afternoon. My cousins and I used to spend every afternoon swimming here.

3-4 years ago, they put this concrete stairs on the shore which really upset me. It's better w/o the steps.

A big boat was docked at the other end of the beach.

Low tide.

I wanted to climb up the boat but that land is actually knee deep mud. eeek.

I tried the tiltshift trick here but it didn't work. Hehe.

I liked how the sun reflected on the side of this boat.

It was so hard to get this angle.

This was part of a boat.

From another perspective. :)

Peeped through a hole.

Fishermen use this during night fishing.

Another angle.

One day, I hope to learn how to swim.


I think this is a coconut trunk washed up in the shore.

More boats!

This is my favorite shot because it took me about 20 clicks to get what I want.

This is Danica's baller. It says, "The Filipino is worth dying for".

I love this one too! I only had one shot like this coz I didn't think it would turn out nice.

Broken boats.

I wonder who Sophia is.

I like this shot coz it creates the illusion that I was using a wide angle lense.


Date : April 2, 2010
Camera : Canon D10
Location : Sabang, Bulan. Sorsogon. PH.
Assistant : Danica Enciso

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