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Friday, July 1, 2011

YUMMY Food Tasting Event! (NBC Tent, Taguig. May 2011)

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Thanks Etz (and to her sister Olive for providing the tickets!) for inviting me even if I was only available at the last minute. Good thing I didn't eat the whole day before we went to the event. I was so stuffed!

The tickets were worth Php 150 which was fairly cheap for a food tasting event, so that's awesome! More awesome that we didn't have to pay for them since they were complimentary tickets from Etz's sister.

At 3pm, and 5hrs late, we thought all the food would be gone. Turns out, there's food for everybody. We had tickets (5 tickets actually, Etz's sisters' cancelled) and each vendor puts a stamp on it everytime we get a sample. Guess what we did to the 3 extra tickets? Yes! We went for seconds and thirds! Mwahahaha! Talk about gluttony!

I totally forgot all the vendors (except Starbucks), but all of them were really nice and accommodating. This post is totally non-informative for those wanting to know what food establishments were in the event. I didn't take note at all. I was there to eat. I'll just summarize some of the ones I remember :

  • Starbucks gave out miniature fraps and I had 3. They gave away a pack (3 sachets) of coffee when they gave away the samples.
  • Etz liked the siopao. Even brought home some. The one flavored caramel was a bit weird, but she liked it. The siopaos are baked instead of fried/steamed.
  • I liked the Sarangani Sardines from Mindanao, although the spicy one is not spicy at all.
  • The breaded chicken was awesome! I forgot to buy one for dinner.
  • Etz said the lechon was good. I never fancied lechon. Thank God! My arteries don't need to be more clogged. I eat enough chicken skin.
  • I loved the chicken lollies from ------! Spicy enough for me. I ate it to the bones! (I had 4 I think. Grrr.)
  • I tried the Mochies. First time to try it, and realized it's not my thing. But I had some when my aunt's friend came from Japan, that one I liked. Those are the regular ones that are packed and not really cold. The rats in our apartment love those too.
  • We had this frozen leche flan from _____, it was to die for!
  • We had seconds of the strawberry and caramel FIC. The second time, I almost vomited in the streets because I was so full! Good thing, Etz had a mint.
  • The Little Ms. OC's Kitchen which had the amazing plants vs zombies and angry birds cupcakes offered chips w/ this eggplant salsa which was so good! I would have bought home some, but the attending lady didn't know anything about the product, and she was not so accomodating.
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There was a program the whole day and it had cook offs which would have been amazing for me if I knew how to cook. I was focused on the food tasting part.

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I'm sorry if I couldn't be more specific on the vendors. I promise to take note next time!

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