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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shrek 3D Date. (Gateway, Cubao. May 2010)

My family is in the city because of our Lola's death. But my little baby could not be here without playing in the arcades. So she charmed her dad into giving her a thousand bucks so we can have a date. LOL. Talk about hypnosis!

We had our date at the Gateway Mall because it was near where the wake was being held (Nacional at Araneta Ave.). Danica was an excited little chirper. :)

My baby being cute. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seattle's Best + Italianni's (Fort. March 2010)

Met up with BF Jaz before she left for the US last March.We had coffee at Seattle's and pasta in Italianni's. Talked until past midnight, I think. I missed my girls. :)

Brownie Frap's largest drink at 160 Php.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lung Center (Quezon City. February 2010)

Been to Lung Center a lot lately. I guess I just wanted some good food + shopping. Haha! Plus, I wanted a place where I can shoot a lot of activities. You can never go wrong with this location. It would have been better if I had a DSLR, because everything was moving! I'm thinking of buying one soon, I just have to do some research.

Mexicali, SM Fairview. (Quezon City. February 2010)

I looove Mexicali because of their buritto and unlimited garlic and hot sauce. The servings are big too, so you can be sure that you will be full after a meal.

Mexicali, SM Fairview. Quezon City.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Airphil Express Sale!

Airphil is on sale!

Travel period : January - February 2011
Sale period : May 19-20, 2011
(Photo is mine. I'm too lazy to watermark. I reserve all rights.)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lookie What I Just Had For Lunch! (GBS All Hands. May 19, 2010)

Had a heavy (free) lunch because our bosses from all over the world came to visit. :)

I have at least 5 viands in this plate. Takaw!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rest In Peace, MommyLola. :'(

Thank you for being a grandma to me even if I'm not really your grand daughter. I never felt that you treated me and Honee otherwise. I'm just thankful that you are now out of pain and you will finally be with DaddyLolo.

BOHOL Adventure! (Visayas, Philippines. 9.26-27.09)

We went to CEBU-BOHOL last September 2009! Pasting the below post from my multiply account. :)


We were debating about going to Bohol because it would be more expensive but coz Charm and i care more about the adventure than the cost, we won! hehe.

Because of Ondoy, we had a hell of a roller coaster boat ride from Cebu to Bohol! I swear I thought we were goners! The boat was jumping as high as 10 feet I think! Our boat was battered like hell, it took us more than 2hrs to get to Bohol when we should have been there within 1.15 hours. Anyway, we got over it as soon as we got a van to take us around the city. :)

Despite that killer ride, I don't regret going. I had so much fun and the company was great! Mwahhh! Next time again guys!

IT :
*Checked in at Dumaluan beach in Panglao. We got the tree house! Yipee!
*Had lunch in Loboc river.
*Went to see the world famous chocolate hills.
*Saw the man made forest
*Met some tarsiers!
*Went to Baclayon church w/c was a lil creepy
*Had dinner at the local mall
*In the morning, we chilled at the beach (Panglao).
*Went down Hinagdanan cave before we went back to Cebu

Bohol pix
Cebu pix
Ezra's raw pix
Charm's raw pix

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Lung Center Breakfast. (Quezon City. January 2010)

Had nothing to do that day so I decided to got to the Lung Center Sunday Market for breakfast. After taking a few photos and just looking around, I looked for something to eat.

Stuffed squids looked delish! I didn't buy these. I didn't have my allergy pills with me.

Bad Pasta. (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Greenbelt 3, Makati. February 2010)

Absolutely the worst pasta I have ever tasted, including my pastas. I can't even describe how it tasted. Some sort of salty-bitter-spicy combination of yuckyness. But guess what, I was starving that evening and I finished the whole plate. WTF, right? So it couldn't have been that bad. You be the judge and order one.

Spicy Tuna Linguine at 189 Php

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tracey and Jerry Nuptials. (Shangrila, Makati. January 2010)

Last January, a cousin got married at San Antonio Church in the Fort and had their reception at Shangrila Makati. It was sooooo beautiful. Her gown was even designed by Rajo Laurel.

With my beautiful family.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Greenbelt 3. (Makati. January 2010)

The Coffee Bean in Greenbelt 3 is a nice place to just chill. Not too crowded like Starbucks, and the coffee is actually good too (esp. the hot drinks). Plus, I always see celebrities here. Haha.

I love their sugar packets.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Legazpi Market (Makati. January 2010)

It has always been my dream to own a gallery where I can display my photos nicely framed in museum wraps. I have always been drawn to art, specifically paintings and photographs. I can't exactly describe the feeling but everytime I see an artwork that I like, I feel my heart drop to my stomach after it does a summersault in my chest. And then I get goosebumps. It's soooooo weird. It's as if all the reality of my life fades away, and I imagine living an artist's life, being moody and beautifully brilliant at the same time. Looking all rugged and dirty but cool. People equally artistic critiquing my work. Aaaaaah. It would be amazing to have that life!

Dreamy. :)

Artwork for sale all over the market.

Mang Inasal, Magallanes MRT. (January 2010)

It's been so long since I ate at Mang Inasal! I like the branch in Magallanes in particular because it's not too crowded, therefore always clean. I hope I can go back soon!

99 Php. Paborito Meal #2. Unlimited rice.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ebun, Greenbelt 3. (Makati. January 2010)

Ebun is my favorite resto in Greenbelt 3 because they serve good  and inexpensive food. The serving size is not bad either. Everytime people would ask me where we can eat at a nice place without burning a hole in our pockets, I always say, Ebun.
Blogging about this made me hungry.

Duo, Serendra. (Fort. December 2009)

Last December, we had our annual BF (bestfriend) christmas reunion. We decided to have a quiet dinner at Duo in Serendra. We missed Apol. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Makiyaki, Avenue Square. (Naga City. April 2010)

Makiyaki opened last April in Avenue Square. The owners, Tita Goldie and her Japanese hubby, Mitsuo Ugajin, are my Mom's friends and I promised to promote their resto in my blog. Makiyaki is Danica's fave resto because of their yummy Seafood Ramen. I remember Danica always requesting for this everytime I go home.

We went the night of Tito Rory's birthday.

I loved the Sushis in this platter, and I dont even eat Sushi. My favorites are the Makis.

Chicken Nuggets - Hepadelights (Naga City. November 2009)

I know it's sooooooooo unhealthy, but I love chicken nuggets! It's actually chicken intestines I think. Whatever, I loooveeet! grrrr. Too bad I can't eat some, here in Manila. I'm too scared I might get sick.

1.75 Php each in front of UNC in Naga City.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm going to Anton's Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 (May 14, 2010)

I'm so excited! There are only 1000 slots available and deadline is today! I just deposited my reservation for me, Shla and Etz. There will be about 50 suppliers in the event and it will be a foodie heaven! Hope to see everybody there!

Montemar Beach Club. (Bagac, Bataan. PH. April 2010)

We had a company teambuilding in Bataan recently and it was fun! Another opportunity for me to shoot. I didn't realize that I hardly took photos of people, I was more interested on shooting the place. Plus, people are moving subjects and my digicam (canon D10) cannot handle much of that. Hehe. Or maybe, I just don't know how yet.

Montemar Beach Club is about 4-5 hours drive from Manila. The property is huge. The entrance to the main grounds could use some landscaping though. But I think the dry trees and plants can be greatly attributed to El Nino. The heat is unbearable sometimes, that the trees just die.

Macro shot of a tree branch. Details always amaze me.

Sunnex. Non Stick Frying Pan. (May 2010)

After buying an Air Cooler, I thought it would be such a waste of taxi fare if I didn't go to the grocery too. I bought lots of power drinks because the heat makes me thirsty all the time. And then I saw this frying pan at 50% off. I have no idea about the brand, but I love items on sale. I just had to buy it.

Iwata TJ-XKL-10A : Evaporative Air Conditioner. (May 2010)

I have been home this long weekend and I can't believe the heat inside our apartment! It's unbearable esp. during the afternoons. It felt like I was gonna die of heat stroke any moment.

So today, I bought an air cooler. Cheaper than an AC and consumes less electricity (80 watts for this unit). It consumes even less electricity than my current industrial fan (250 watts). Cool!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthday Lunch with Family (Kenny Rogers, Market Market. 4.2010)

A week before my birthday, my family was in Manila to buy a van for business. They only had a couple of hours to meet me and I only had my lunch break to see them. We met at Market Market (Fort) and had lunch at Kenny Rogers.

Thank you bebelabs for taking time have lunch before my birthday. I love you all! Mwaaaah!

I was late so I ordered my food late. Forgot the name of this plate. (Around 150 Php). The staff said I can't take photos. Haha. Whatever!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Conquering CEBU (Visayas. 9.26 and 28.09)

My first Cebu Pacific sale trip was in Cebu last October 2006 with Shla. That trip started my passion in discovering other places other than Manila. Since then, I have been travelling all over the Philippines. I can't believe it's been almost 4 years. Thanks to Cebu Pacific Airlines for allowing every Juan to fly and giving away super cheap plane tickets. You rock!!!

Last year was my second trip to Cebu, it was not as pleasant as the first one, maybe because we did not have enough time to go around the place (we only had half day). But it was still good!

Click here, to see detailed descriptions of photos I have posted in my multiply account.


We went to Cebu 'coz we got RT 700 tickets! There were at least 25 of us who bought tix but some people had to cancel coz of work, not to mention Ondoy. It was rainy that morning but we braved the storm 'coz we didn't wanna waste the trip.

We arrived in Cebu on a sunny morning, thrilled that the typhoon spared Visayas. Hehe. We went straight to the Mandaue terminal to ride a boat to Bohol. So we went to Bohol and after 1 day, we went back to Cebu and went around the city. :)


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aloha Boracay (Aklan 9.12-14.09)

This trip was last year but I'm reposting this here because I have another trip to Boracay this year! It's gonna be my fourth consecutive visit (every year since 2007)! I loooove it! And can you believe I bought the tickets at only 900 Php? What a deal! I'm soooo effin excited!


I was gonna cancel this trip coz I was so exhausted from the Zamboanga adventure, but my kuripot side told me that I already paid for the tickets and it would be such a waste if I didn't go. Besides, it would break my annual trip to the place. This is my 3rd. :)

So glad that Etz went w/ me! Coz I was really planning to go alone. But I was bummed that she only took 39 photos the whole time we were there! 39 photos! My God! Wala tuloy ako maxadong pictures. Twas okay, since I found out that I could take decent photos, I was more interested on taking them than being on them. But I should make sure to take more photog buddies next time. hehe.

We landed on kalibo airport so it was a bummer coz that was 2hrs away from Boracay. Once were there, we lazed around for 2 days! It was fun! :)

Ezra's raw pix
Etz's raw pix

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marikina Outreach Programme for Ondoy Victims (Marikina 10.17.09)

I shared this blogpost in my multiply account. I want to put it here just for documentation purposes. Plus, I liked my shots here. :)


Shla invited me to go volunteer for the Ondoy victims in Marikina. I was so excited coz i hardly have time to volunteer, so thanks Shla for the invite. :)

Star Eastern Academy was the school beneficiary of BBBS - Big Brother Big Sister that day. The students were cheerful and the principal so grateful. It was nice to have that feeling that in your own lil way, you helped make a difference. I hope to do more volunteer work this year. :) ♥

Ezra's final multiply pix
Ezra's raw pix

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chocolat. (MOA, Pasay City. PH. 4. 2010)

After lunch at Burgoo, I felt the Pugad Baboy Syndrome and felt really sleepy. I mean REAL sleepy. So we went to Chocolat and ordered our favorite Tiramisu. I ate a bit and literally slept for an hour on the table while Etz read some magazines.

Frappe. (MOA, Pasay City. 4.2010)

The heat was overwhelming even inside the mall, I had to have some mango shake pronto! Saw this kiosk just when I was feeling thirsty.

I bought the Mango Caramel Smoothie at 85 Php 22 oz. I liked it.

Matahari (MOA, Pasay City. PH. 4. 2010)

Some Indonesian Deli kiosk we saw in the mall. We bought the Australian Cornik. It tastes like Pritos Ring!

Birthday Lunch Treat (Burgoo, MOA. 4.2010)

Etz treated me for a birthday lunch! So sweeeeet! Mwah! We ate a cow. It was so good, we finished everything. Hehe. Good thing I had my BPI credit card with me, we were able to avail of the 'buy 1 take 1' promo exclusive to BPI credit card holders.

Seattle's Best (Greenbelt 3, Makati. PH. 4.2010)

I used to never go to Seattle's because I'm a Starbucks fan, but when BF Karen introduced the Brownie Frap to me, I go to Seattle's just for that million calorie drink.

French Baker (MOA, Pasay City. 4. 2010)

I don't usually eat at French Baker because it's always crowded. I'm not a fan of the no door design of their restaurants too. Plus, the small servings and expensive food is a turn off. Hehe. But they do have good food. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Swimming in Masakrot (Bulusan, Sorsogon. 4.2010)

The whole family went swimming for Tito Rory and Tito Rod's birthday. They are twins and they turned 50 this year.

I took photos of everybody while waiting for the food to cook. We left around 10 am.

My sister Danica and our little cousins.

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