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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shrek 3D Date. (Gateway, Cubao. May 2010)

My family is in the city because of our Lola's death. But my little baby could not be here without playing in the arcades. So she charmed her dad into giving her a thousand bucks so we can have a date. LOL. Talk about hypnosis!

We had our date at the Gateway Mall because it was near where the wake was being held (Nacional at Araneta Ave.). Danica was an excited little chirper. :)

My baby being cute. :)

Obligatory photo with the Shrek poster.

On our way to the movies.

When we bought our tickets (The tickets had free popcorn and soda!), the movie has already started 30 minutes earlier, so we waited for the next showing, which was 2hrs long. So we decided to go to timezone while waiting.

Lucky us, that day, Selecta was giving away free ice cream to all moviegoers. So free ice cream we ate before going to the arcades! :)

Selecta freebies. Choco Almond Cookies + Choco Almond Fudge.

Timezone also had a promo, load 250 Php and get 350 Php worth of load. So we got that and consumed everything.

Danica enjoyed the 3D movie, she said it was her first time. As for me, I had a hard time adjusting my glasses underneath the 3D glasses (I don't have contacts). It was fun nonetheless.

We had Blizzard ice cream after, which was disappointing because the ice cream was soft. Although it didn't spill when turned upside down, I know better. So booo for this one, Blizzard. Pinahiya mo ko sa alaga ko.

I missed my Danica. I hope she could come on a more pleasant occasion so we can go to EK. She's never been there. Our visit last January was a fail coz it was closed that day. So I'm hoping we could go soon!

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