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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Swimming in Masakrot (Bulusan, Sorsogon. 4.2010)

The whole family went swimming for Tito Rory and Tito Rod's birthday. They are twins and they turned 50 this year.

I took photos of everybody while waiting for the food to cook. We left around 10 am.

My sister Danica and our little cousins.

Me with my sister, Rat.

Me with Lola Pina.

Kiss from my Lola. Mother of 15.

Miles with his Dad, Janjan. Look he almost smiled!

This is the only photo of Miles that I have of him laughing. Danica was tickiling him. Hehe.

This is the jeepney we rented to go to the cold spring. It was roughly 45-60 minutes away.

Tito Errol cooked Kare Kare for our packed lunch.

I caught him when he was just putting the peanut butter in. I don't eat peanut butter except when I eat kare Kare.

Kare Kare ready! I can almost taste this! It was so yummy!

Fried fish for the sweet and sour dish. Is that called Escabeche? I'm bad at food names. Hehe.

Sauce for the fish. Yum!

Fish now ready! Droooool!

Baked potato cooked by Tita Mina. I loved this! It's like my bestfriend Che's Dadauphinoise (I googled that for the spelling! haha!)

Crabs! I don't eat crabs.I used to be allergic but I got used to not eating it. I'm still allergic to seafood when I eat them raw or half cooked.


Pansit Bihon for meryenda.

Soda to quench the thirst on a hot summer day.

We finally arrived during lunch! It was a cold spring.

Rates for the resort.

They had one pool that had different depths. I was naturally worried for my sisters and all my lil cousins. So I just stood there and watched them swim. Hehe.

There were a lot of visitors that day.

It was quite a big pool. And they said, the water was cold.

My little cousins, Luis and Yllana (?).

Color accent. :)

The twins and their wives. :)

I made everyone pout! haha!

Me and my future car. Haha.

We all had a fun day. I miss going out on summer outings with my family. :)

Masakrot Spring
San Roque, Bulusan. Sorsogon.
April 2010

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