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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lookie What I Just Had For Lunch! (GBS All Hands. May 19, 2010)

Had a heavy (free) lunch because our bosses from all over the world came to visit. :)

I have at least 5 viands in this plate. Takaw!

And guess what, I won an employee of the quarter award. Ain't that cool? They gave me cash too. Lol. and a jacket. I love the jacket. Thaaaaaaaaanks! :)

I was gonna post more photos but I'm too shy to ask permission from my bosses if I can post them here. Hehe. Maybe in multiply where I can control who can see them. :)

I think I finished this plate. I look pregnant now.

GBS All Hands Meeting
Net3, Fort. Taguig City
May 19, 2010


charmie tamba said...

naks naman!!! employee of the quarter!!! hehehehe treat mo ko sicilian salaaaaadddd!!!!

ezra said...

adik kaaaaaaa! di nga ko bumibili sarili kong sicilian. maki ice cream ka nlng samin at sobrang mahal yan. haha. july din nmn ata dadating ang cash..

Anonymous said...

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