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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lung Center (Quezon City. February 2010)

Been to Lung Center a lot lately. I guess I just wanted some good food + shopping. Haha! Plus, I wanted a place where I can shoot a lot of activities. You can never go wrong with this location. It would have been better if I had a DSLR, because everything was moving! I'm thinking of buying one soon, I just have to do some research.

Just wanted to post some photos I took while there. The details and colors always amaze me. I hope I can learn photoshop soon. That's one of my new year's resolution this year. But I'm too lazy! PS is hardwork! :)

Blue Prawns.


Fresh fish.

Giant stuffed squids!

Instant heart attack!

Barbeque at 11 Php. This was yummy!

I just liked the detail.

Grilled crabs!

Lung Center of the Philippines

Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
February 2010


charmie tamba said...

bebenta mo ba si bugris pag buy ka na ng dslr? :D ako na buy!!! :D dali na!!! hehehe

ezra said...

adik hinde.. pano ko magboblog kung wla akong laptop!

aanhin mo ang dalawang identical laptops?

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