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Saturday, May 8, 2010

To The Best, Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! ♥♥♥ (May 2010)

We love you, Ma! ♥♥♥

Hi Mommy,

I hope you got the cake and pancit I asked Rat and Fat to get for you and all the mommys there in Bulan. Nagustuhan mo man? Sabi ni Rat may flowers pa daw kamo. :) I hope you liked it. Nakahibiun ako sadi kay xempre wara ako duon on this special day. But I know you know how much you mean to me maski wara ako don. Ikaw pirmi an no. 1 ko maski nano ang mangyari. That will never change, dapat aram mo na yuon. ♥

I want to thank you for being the best mom to me, rat and fat. You are incomparable, I hope you know that. It's not just the big sacrifices you did for us, but also the little things. Like when you call me just to say hi or tell me that you guys are eating sinigang for lunch. It makes me always miss your cooking in 6 years that I have been away from home. That's why I always request for your Tofu Steak when I'm home because I can never make it taste the way you do. When you tell me you have something for me that you saw in the grocery, like that purple towel you gave me a couple of months ago. Or a pair of Crocs even though I hate them. The way you punch my back when I ask for a massage. Or when you always ask my opinion even on the little things like if it's okay to cut Danica's hair. Even your yelling at me for being so lazy when I was still back home, I miss those. I miss you. Having you around the house, cooking and cleaning and laughing. I miss your corny jokes and your memory gap moments. I miss your screams when rat is trying to kiss you. Your angry voice when Fat or Tito Rory does not want to take a bath. These little things in addition to the huge sacrifices you endured for us, make you the best mom for us. Thank you for these seemingly unimportant moments of my life, they are my most treasured memories of you and our family. ♥

I'm not sure if I ever told you that ever since I started working, I realized all the hardships you went through at an early age, for me. I can't even imagine going through half of that. Plus considering all the other factors that made your situation then, the most difficult, it must have been really hard for you. I never had to go through any of that because until now, you have always been there for me. And I still feel like a little girl and you are my mommy who can make everything possible. Thank you for always, always, making me feel loved and making me believe that I can do anything. Thank you for raising me well and providing everything I needed, to be who I am today. Because of you, I always choose to be a good person and I always credit you whenever anyone commends how good I am doing. I am so proud to be your daughter, not only because you were the only one who stood by me from the start, but because you have done more than your part in taking care of the three of us. I can never thank the heavens enough for giving me a mom like you. You make this family happy.  :) ♥

You are not only a good mother but you are also best at your other roles : daughter, sister, wife and a friend. You are the breath of fresh air in everybody's life. I hope someday, I can be half as good a person as you are. So many people love you Mommy, because you always give your best and you love unconditionally. I know we can never repay you for everything you have done for us, Ma, but trust that we are doing our best. I know you will love us no matter what, we love you back with all our hearts. Happy Mother's Day. You are truly the best. ♥

I promised myself to make this a happy post so I'm stopping all the emo-ness. Hehe. Have fun today! I hope you have a happy one! I love you, Ma! Mwaaah! ♥♥♥



Mommy ko. ♥

Happy Mommy's Day Enol!

Kiss Mommy!


Proud Mommy and Tita!

Fat and April

Back when Fat had monster teeth! Haha!

Happy Family!

Happy Memories!

Baby Girl!

Big Feet!

Wedding moments!

Fat's Birthday!

Thank you for all my Tofu Steaks, Ma! ♥

♥ Dad and Fat ♥

♥April and Rat ♥

Kiss from Lula! Happy Mother's Day Lula Pina! ♥

Mwaaaaaaaaahhhhh! ♥

Your favourite! ♥

With In laws and Sisters ♥

With your Sa-Fe!


From Danica, your tabatubol baby.

From Rat, your personal Iraga.

From April, your hot orig.

Black, Brown and White!

From Rory, your Sa-Fe.

We love you, Ma. Thank you for everything!


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Kagayun! Haha!

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Happy Mother's Day Mommy! (Iniirog ko si Bugs saka si Taz!) - Fat

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Mommy! Get ready for my KISSES! Raaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! - Rat

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Kiss Mommy! I love you! - April

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Your Tres Marias!

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With LULA!

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Your Happy Family!


Sins wara pa ako kwarta for ekspensiv gifts, I dediket d below videos for you!
I love you Mommy! Tek ker!

Your DOter,
Danica Dane Enciso

Chipmunks by Danica (2008)

Chipmunks by Danica (2009)

Beatbox by Danica (2009)

Ganyan Talaga ang Buhay by Danica  (2009)

My Swimming Graduation! (2010) Thank you Mommy and Daddy for supporting me!



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