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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Top 10 Irrational Fears.

Some of these are not irrational at all.
Random brain puke.

10. Going home late and riding a cab with a sleepy driver. Once, I called on a driver for closing his eyes while driving (2am). Turns out, he just had chinky eyes. To add, I fear crashing to that road island in the middle of EDSA by the bridge in Guadalupe. I always worry that the driver will drive right into it, so I always check if he is awake by talking about the weirdest things.

9. Not bringing my laptop when on vacation. I always worry that people will need something from me at work while I’m away. I will need to learn to let go. I’ve done it thrice this year on my trip to Boracay, Tacloban and Cebu.

8. Rats eating me while asleep. In my old apartment, we had these huge rats. One in particular, we called Master Splinter (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), because he was soooo big! Like a cat! He ate my waveboards (which were hard as eff).

7. Pissing my bed. I always panic when I’m dreaming about urinating. I feel like I have to slap my face into opening my eyes just to make sure I didn’t wet my sheets. Imagine my worry when sleeping in other people’s houses.

6. Phone calls from home. I got used to receiving just bad news when someone from the family calls. I get irritated when I miss the call and no one answers my SMS or calls, when I call back. Once my mom did this and I totally freaked out when I found out that she was just calling to let me know they were eating Sinigang (my favorite). I was so upset, I think I cried.

5. Crocodiles. Always been my special guests in my nightmares (Thanks to the movie, Lake Placid). I’ve held a baby gator in Palawan though. It didn't eat me.

4. Locked jaw. Instant fear when that happens.

3. Throwback Thursdays. I hate that hashtag. Mini heart attack everytime someone would tag me in an old photo. I just wanna block those people! And hulk smash them.

2. Flying cockroaches. No city insect can scare me more. Esp when I imagine it flying to my mouth while I’m screaming in fear. Recently, I just saw the most horrifying cockroach video I’ve seen. Vomit inducing, really. It’s HERE if you think you can stomach it.

1. Farting in my Yoga class. While my butt is in some person’s face. While a celebrity is in the class.

No photos.
I'd be amazed if anyone read through this.


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Steven Johnson said...

The top ten fears that you have mentioned are really important in our day to day life. We cannot walk a moment without those. Can you state some other things like this?

Anonymous said...

FYI, while living in Panamá, a flying roach attacked my brother (by attacked I mean the bug flew right to his face). My brother hates roaches and that didnt help.

So yes, it can happen and its horrible !

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