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Monday, April 5, 2010

Hai Bar Birthday Party!

A colleague needed a party for her birthday so I decided to invite everybody for a drink before going home. I think she enjoyed herself. Haha. **wink!

We ordered the Tanduay Ice because Tere said it tasted like soda. I don't like beer 'coz it tastes so damn awful, so any alcoholic drink that tastes like soda is a welcome treat for me. T-Ice did taste like Sprite and it was great, except that I think it had more alcohol than it said in the label (5%). I was dizzy with my first bottle, but I'm a lousy drinker so one bottle was enough. Besides, we had work the next day. I can't say the same for Bernice and Love. Haha!

Tanduay Ice. Php 250 per bucket.

Sisig with egg. I can't find the price in the menu. argh. Nothing different in their sisig, though.

Fried Porkchop Duo at Php 175. I forgot to take a photo before we ate. Hehe. It was yummy!

Lechon Macau at Php 205. I liked this one. Forgot to take a photo again. Hehe.

Fries at Php 105. Small serving.

I like Hai Bar overall because of the ambiance and the cleanliness of the place. I will definitely go back and try out more of their dishes. (I apologize for the lousy photos. My camera is terrible in the dark. **wishing for a DSLR!)

Food : 8/10.
Ambiance : Chillax. I love it! Red Japanese theme. :)
Price : 200-400 per person
Plus : Costumers are good looking! Haha!
Minus : The private room has a minimum consumable rate of 5000 Php.

Hai Bar
Bonifacio Global City
March 2010


CaterpillarInCouture said...

I miss sisig and lechon, send me some here please..Does Tanduay Ice taste like Smirnoff Ice? I like your pictures...

Jade Rich

ezra said...

kung pde lang magpadala jade..hehe. magluto ka, dba marunong ka nmn.. or next uwi mo, ako nmn treat sau ng mga yan! :)

mejo mas mtamis pdn ang smirnoff ng unti.. pero masarap ndn T ice hehe.. tuwang tuwa nga ako coz dko tlga gsto lasa ng beer.

applelicious said...

wow tanduay ice! cool!

ezra said...

masiram B :)

Jenalyn said...

dai ko pa na-try yang tanduay ice,try ko dw next time. ok mn baga pics mo, i don't think u ever take bad photos hehe. although syempre may mas magagayon kang kua hehe. nakakagutom ang shots, nonetheless ;)

ezra said...

eu mcram b! dae mpait.
wow, compliments ito? hahaha!

dae ko ma open ang blog mo!

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