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Friday, April 9, 2010

Flagellation (Bulan, Sorsogon. April 2, 2010)

I ran out the door in my undershirt when I heard my 12 year old cousin shout, "Penitensyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!". Only two men did the sacrifice this year in Bulan. They were passing by our house when I came.

I struggle to take a shot with my Canon D10, only to realize that Bloo (D10) did not have a memory card! I was downloading photos when I ran out. Argh. I shout to my cousin to get the SD card from my laptop, when I realized as she ran out, that I had an extra memory card in the fanny pack I was wearing.

By the time I put tha memory card in place, the Penitensya men were already 10 feet away. I ran towards them in an attempt to take closer shots. I was wishing I had my Igit (Canon S5is) in my hands. His power zoom is amazing. I wouldn't have to worry about the blood splattering all over me everytime the men will hit their backs, if I was using Igit. Still, I managed to get some decent shots when the men stopped to rest.

Morning acitivities on a Good Friday.

I can't believe there is no accurate definition of Penitensya in Google.

He was trembling in pain when he stopped.

How about you, what did you sacrifice this Holy Week? I hope you had a good one!

Camera : Canon D10
Mode : Aquarium
Location : Zone 6, Bulan. Sorsogon. Philippines.
Date : April 2010

**This is officially my first non-food post. :)

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