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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sampateek, definitely for the healthier you!

Welcome to Sampateek, the premier online destination for those who have decided to take charge in improving their overall health through lifestyle modification and proper diet. Sampateek is a fun, easy to use web application geared towards helping you achieve your healthy eating goals by embracing a lifestyle that is not only healthy, but also fun!
It's a well-known fact that faddy diets and weight loss programs do more harm than good, and the vast majority of diet programs are only intended as a short-term solution. We at Sampateek believe that adopting a healthier lifestyle shouldn't have to mean giving up the things you enjoy in life, or restricting yourself to a set menu of bland dishes.
Our very name is derived from the French “sympathique”, meaning a gentle, even enjoyable approach, and with an array of tools, tips and support from specialized nutritionists, we aim to help you make this a positive, fun and natural transition – at your own pace!

At Sampateek, our core mission is to motivate and millions of people to make and reach realistic goals and live healthier lifestyles. Far more than just a nutrition advice website, Sampateek aims to teach you how to gradually evolve your lifestyle, eating habits and exercise routine not just to achieve short-term targets, but for life! Even if you aren't interested in losing weight, our handy interactive recipe database featuring both traditional and contemporary ingredients and dishes can still help you to broaden your culinary choices. Our database consists of a broad range of recipe inclusions from some of your neighbourhood's choicest restaurants. Sampateek is committed to offering our users the best possible variety, so if you don't see your favourite recipe listed, email us and we'll have it uploaded in no time.

The Sampateek website has been designed to provide a comprehensive resource of knowledge and tools for those seeking to change their lives for the better. In addition to informative articles and an expansive, easy-to-navigate recipe database, we offer numerous interactive tools that enable you to keep track of your progress in real-time, including a calorie journal and tracker, meal planner, week-to-view progress graph and weekly lifestyle snapshot. Whether you need advice on how best to reduce your calorie intake, or inspiration for your weekly meal plan, our specialized nutritionists are on-hand via live chat and email to provide support and recommendations whatever your target!

We at Sampateek believe that making the transition to a freer, healthier lifestyle shouldn't limit your choice of variety. Our website combines a number of unique elements to help you build your strategy the way you want to, without compromising the fun through experimenting with new flavours, cooking techniques, and fitness ideas. Equipped with an up-to date evidence-based knowledge on nutrition and plenty of support from our friendly online nutritionists, you too can champion the healthy, active lifestyle that so many others have already realised with our help.

At Sampateek, we believe that learning about and keeping a record of your daily activity is the best way to keep track of your progress. Discover the benefits of using a food diary, and how keeping track of calories consumed and burned can help you achieve your goals, Lose weight, build lean muscle, reduce sodium intake, or improve the amount of protein you consume, we are here to help you move forward to a healthier you.

We are sure that you will find everything you need at Sampateek to help you get started with your new, healthier lifestyle, but don't forget to check in with us regularly as we continue to grow and develop the services we offer.

Head over to Sampateek and join our growing community today!

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