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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Luzon Philippine Blog Awards Night! (RCBC Plaza, Makati. December 12, 2010)

Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Tower, Makati.

Considering all the awesome photographers on the web, I never thought I'd ever be nominated, let alone be chosen as a best photoblog finalist for the (4 yr old?) Luzon Philippine Blog Awards (PBA).

Don't get too excited, I didn't win. Haha. The winner was Gerry Ruiz, an awesome photographer from Tacloban. I've been to his Cafe last year, Calle Z (haven't blogged about it yet) and it's a very popular place in the city.

I went to the PBA event with Etz (also a best photoblog finalist - we rock!), Shla and H. I thought it'll be a simple gathering in some kind of conference hall or something. I didn't think it would be so grand w/ free cocktail food and Figaro coffee for everybody! I suddenly panicked that I wore shorts to the event. Lolz.

 Nominee blog badge sent by PBA.

I thought all nominees were automatically tagged as finalists, coz I thought it was weird that Click.Ezra.Click was shortlisted. Haha! I hope the finalists are really shortlisted blogs for each category.

It was awesome to be part of the whole thing (it was my first blogging event)! It was an honor to be considered as a finalist! Plus, I was able to see some of the bloggers I follow and prove that they're not some robot on a computer. Haha!

 Finalist blog badge sent by PBA.

Honestly, I went there for the raffle draw (free trip out of the country). Haha! I didn't win. Not even the draw for the Nokia phones. It's okay, i'm not really lucky in these kind of things.

 Our funny host, Gabe Mercado.

Gabe Mercado was an awesome host, he kept the whole event lively. He went out in his PJs. LOL.

 Of course, we had to have our photographs taken here. :)

 Charm was flashed on the screen as the Best Photoblogger for Mindanao. Weeeeeee!

 Click.Ezra. Click flashed as a finalist for the Luzon Best Photoblog. Why did I put my face on the header? Argh!

Being there totally inspired me to shoot and blog more about my FBT life. I hope I'd have more time to do it though, I have a year's worth of travel and food adventures to blog about. If only blogging can feed me, I'll do it all day! *sigh*

 The Traveling Life flashed as a finalist for the Luzon Best Photoblog.

 All the winners on the stage for a group photo. Congrats you guys!



charmie tamba said...

weeee npicturan mo! hehehe

uy pano mo nagawang di pwedeng magright click sa blog mo? :-)

ezra said...

hehe. malabo nga lang, ambilis kc nyan eh.

shocks, si etz gumawa skin, i forgot na. ask ko xa tapos email ko sau. :)

tsenaberr said...

wow,congrats ez and etz! galeng! :)

ezra said...

tnx igit.

ano man yan ta dae ko na lugod nahihiling ang blog mo. paparatago mo man ay!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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