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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Addictive Cornik! (Eagle Food Products. Taguig, January 2011.)

Eagle Food Productes from Malabon, PH.

This must be the most delish "cornik" I have ever tasted! You all have to try it! It is so addictive, I swear to God. I could feed this whole bag in my mouth in one sitting.

Because I would eat almost anything, my friends/office mates would always offer me food. And last week, Jaja asked me to taste this. It tasted so good that when she left with the bag, I finished what I got from her and went to her area until we cleaned the whole pack. LOL. Talk about bingeing!

And locally made!

I tasted something like this from Matahari (an indonesian kiosk selling food items like these), but this is so much better. Believe me when I say that it's so good, you will hog it until you've eaten it all (or is that just me? haha!).

100 Php per pack in Market Market, Taguig.


Eagle Food Products
Block 20 Lot 1, Phase 3
Area 2, Martiniko St.,
Longos, Malabon City.
Tel.: 285-3559 (factory)
Store : 245-6659 or 6660; 311-1263
Home : 282-6107
Mobile : 0919-2164321


Anonymous said...

Do they sell retail of this cornik? Where

kat landig said...

oh my god i couldn't agree more! it may not look as enticing, but this is the ultimate femme fatale of chicacorns

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