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Monday, January 17, 2011

My First Ever Suitcase! (January 2011)

At last, I finally got myself a suitcase! I've always been a backpacker and it's always been fine because using a backpack saves me a lot of time, but I've been feeling backaches lately. I can't even carry my laptop bag for more than an hour without my back breaking. Argh, is that a sign of old age?

But I'm only twenty-freakin-seven!
My new travel buddy. :)

I'm so excited to use this! I chose the small one so I can still use it as a handcarry bag saving me the waiting time wasted in the airport every trip.

I love the color and design, simple but classy. I don't like the zippers but I had to consider the whole look, so I took it. It has four wheels so it's easier to drag. It's made up of nylon material that makes the suitcase very durable. 

It's spacious on the inside and has a free bag lock. It doesnt have a TSA lock feature but I don't mind, I usually just travel locally so there's little chance that the airport peeps are gonna destroy my lock or slash my bag, errr, suitcase.

Goodbye backaches!


PS : I bought my mom the bigger version. She's gonna love it!


☮Pinay Travel Junkie☮ said...

i feel for you :) lately i've been having back aches myself. the last time we traveled i had a hard time carrying my backpack. also, now that we travel with our baby, a big suitcase is perfect for all our stuff. it's my 1st time here, i like your blog!

ezra said...

Hi PTJ! thanks for stopping by! glad you liked it. hope u stop by once in a while. :)

i'm excited, ive never liked trollies until the backaches. hehe. glad the suffering is over. :)

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