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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Foodie Budget Traveler (FBT) Was In Puerto Princesa. (Palawan, November 2010.)

Peurto Princesa Plaza was so colorful at night!

So I was feeling hyped last night and I edited some photos from my Puerto Princesa trip last year. I have more pictures ready and I'm so tempted to post all of them!

But my OC side wants to be more organized. That means, I have to blog in sequence (argh). This is a problem because I forget stuff easily. My remedy I discovered, is, to take photos of all the info during my trips to jog my memory. So hopefully, I can still blog accurately about a year's worth of FBT adventures! Blogging takes so much time and I don't have a lot of those, with weeklong work and the weekend trips last year. Hopefully, I'd be inspired soon, coz I found a cozy place where I can just chill and write. :)

Rainmakers are love. <3

Dessert at Itoy's.

Can't travel without food tripping! I can't imagine how I can manage to post all the places I've been to since I started this blog. Hope I can catch up soon! I miss traveling, this was my last trip, not counting going home (Bicol) for Christmas.

Puerto Princesa.
Palawan, Philippines.
November 2010.

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