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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bastian's Food Garden (Polangui Albay)

I went home (Bicol) for the Holy Week. From Naga, we travelled 6 hours to Bulan. Enroute, we had lunch at Bastian's Food Garden. The food is expensive but tastes great! Besides, it's expensive because it's one of the regular bus stops of vehicles going to and from Sorsogon.

I've been here lots of times and I'll try to blog about the other times I've been here. They have a mini zoo and I took photos before. This time I was too sleepy to take photos of the animals in the zoo. They have baby crocodiles (I'm scared shitless of crocs. They give me nightmares!). 

Lomi at Php 45 (small); Php 80 (medium); Php 140 (large)

Caldereta at Php 160 per plate. Spicy and yummy!

Liver steak at Php 160 per plate. My absolute favorite! So goooooood!

Food : 8/10.
Ambiance : Fresh! I love the live tilapias in the pond, they get it fresh from the pond when you order. The tables and chairs could be improved, though. They are ordinary.
Price : 200-350 per person
Plus : There is a mini zoo with monkeys and birds and crocs. The toilets are clean too.
Minus : Expensive.

Bastian's Food Garden
Diversion Road
Polangui, Albay. PH
Contact No. : 486-2126/ (052) 212-5563
April 2010


applelicious said...

i love bastian!!! manay rose is from polangui so i always eat there before :)

ezra said...

masiramun bga!
fave ni fat ang lomi duman

ezra said...

masiramun bga!
fave ni fat ang lomi duman

Cha said...

Sa Bulan,Sorsogon saen masiram magkakan?

Happy New Year~!

Bisita ka man sa blog ko tabi:-)

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