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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beanbag (Naga City)

I looooooove the coffee in Beanbag! It keeps me awake for hours! During college, coffee here was my cure for drunkeness after an all nighter from Clubmate (a club beside Beanbag in Magsaysay Ave). A Caramel Macchiato would always keep me decent when I finally decide to go home. LOLz.

I had this Caramel Macchiato (Php 80-tall in Magsaysay Ave.) last March 31, 2010 after drinking booze of course. Haha! I always order this coz it's my favorite drink.

I had coffee with my sisters in Beanbag SM last April 4, the night before I left for Manila. We played Plants vs. Zombies the whole time. Danica loves shooting the zombies! :)

 A Caramel Macchiato in SM is Php 90. 10 Php more expensive than the one in Magsaysay Ave.

Food : 10/10 for the coffee! 7/10 for the pastries and pasta.
Ambiance : Cozy and relaxed.
Price : 150-250 per person.
Plus : Free WIFI. cozy seats.
Minus : The girl in SM won't let me buy my coffee because she didn't have change for my Php 500. Doesn't she know that she should never refuse any opportunity to sell their product?; From the Beanbag staff, no one knows how to help a customer in connecting to their WIFI. They could use some serious training.

Beanbag Coffee
**Magsaysay Ave., Naga City
**SM, Naga CIty
March/April 2010

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