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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Read and Brew. (Fairview, QC)

Because of RNB (Read and Brew), I started dreaming of having a homey cafe just like it, where students like to just sip coffee and eat good food or just chill. Also, it would be like my gallery for my photos that I'd like to frame. I wish I could just flick my fingers and make it happen! Haha!

The place is always full because of the ambiance I think, not to mention the good food and the kind service.

If I lived near here, I'd be a constant patron. I could just fall asleep here. Haha.

 Baked Chicken at Php 80. My fave dish to order here. The portion is huge and the sauce is tasty (you can ask for extra sauce free of charge).

I always buy my fave Hazelnut Capuccino Grande from Zagu in FCM (Fairview Center Mall) before I go to RNB.

The place has free wifi and a desktop that is useful when I don't have Bugris (my laptop) with me.

Food : 7/10.
Ambiance : Cozy. :)
Price : 100-150 per person
Plus : Free Internet and WIFI. Friendly staff.
Minus : It doesn't have a branch! Please franchise one in Makati!

Read and Brew (RNB)
1 Rado St. West Fairview
Quezon City
Contact No. : 427-4277/ 0917-8486201
March 2010

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