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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday Lunch Treat (Burgoo, MOA. 4.2010)

Etz treated me for a birthday lunch! So sweeeeet! Mwah! We ate a cow. It was so good, we finished everything. Hehe. Good thing I had my BPI credit card with me, we were able to avail of the 'buy 1 take 1' promo exclusive to BPI credit card holders.

We had to wait for a while so we doodled until the food came. The placemats are large papers that cover the whole table. They give you crayons for this. Danica loved it when we last ate here in the Gateway Mall (Cubao branch).

Thanks lab! Mwaah!

Happy Birthday to me!

The food finally came! I was excited, it's been a while since I last ate in Burgoo and I've never tried the MOA branch. I wanted the Sampler Platter but it wasn't included in the promo.

For the Steak Ala Pobre, we had the choice to choose the side dish. I wanted mashed potatoes and rice pilaf. I  loved the rice. I think I ate it all. Haha! Talk about gluttony. I loved the steak with lots of mushroom and garlic. I wish I could make this myself. A 600 Php dish is too expensive for me.

Steak Ala Pobre at 595 Php + 10% service charge. The steak was sooooo yummy!

They had Tabasco sauce! My favorite hot sauce.

The Shrimp and Ribs Platter was also delish. I liked the fries and the ribs most. Too bad the corns were not fresh. We cleaned this plate too, except for a few fries that we couldn't finish because we were too full.

Shrimp and Ribs Platter at 595 php + 10% service charge. (This was free for us because we used my BPI credit card)

The shrimps were good but too few.

Thanks for the delicious meal lab! Mwaaaah! I had  fun.  :)

Food : 8/10.
Ambiance : Clean.
Price : 300-650 per person
Plus : They always have this "Buy 1 take 1" promos. Big servings. WIFI ready. They have tabasco hot sauce!
Minus : I can't think of anything.


2nd flr.
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. PH.
Contact No. : (632)556-0091 ; (632)556-0092


angge said...

I've been to burgoo but never featured it.=(

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thanks po..I'll start following you na.=)

ezra said...

hi angge, i have like 30 pending posts of all the places ive been to.. i hope id have time to organize everything. hehe. ang hirap pla mag blog. haha.

yup will check out ur blog too! thanks!!! :)

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