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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chocolat. (MOA, Pasay City. PH. 4. 2010)

After lunch at Burgoo, I felt the Pugad Baboy Syndrome and felt really sleepy. I mean REAL sleepy. So we went to Chocolat and ordered our favorite Tiramisu. I ate a bit and literally slept for an hour on the table while Etz read some magazines.

The changed the wall designs. I liked the wall frame on this wall before.

Cakes from Chocolat are awesome!

Tiramisu slice at 70 Php. Even if I want to try other cakes in Chocolat, I always end up ordering this one. I can't explain it. I'd eat the whole cake if I could. hehe.


Food : 8/10 for the cakes 
Ambiance : Clean and cozy. I feel like I could chill and read a book there.
Price : 70-200 per person
Plus : Their water tastes so clean. I'm not a water drinker, but when I go there, I drink like 3 glasses full.
Minus : No branch in Makati.

GF North Parking Bldg. MOA, Pasay City. PH
Contact No. : (632) 556 0188
April 2010


[cookiespink] said...

super love their choco carrot cake, deep dark classic and death by tablea cakes!!! :D

ezra said...

their cakes are awesome no? :)
rivaling my fave cakes in banapple.

Anonymous said...

basahin ang buong blog ay pretty mabuti

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