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Monday, January 16, 2012

Giniling + Soup + Hotdog Veggie Mix. (January 2011. Makati.)

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This is my dinner last night! Giniling w/ potatoes and carrots. :)

Ingredients : pork giniling, hotdog, garlic, potatoes, carrots and Magic Sarap. Etz cooked this so I'm not sure if there are more secret ingredients.
How to : Saute garlic w/ pork until brown. Mix cubed hotdog, carrots and potatoes and saute until cooked. Add Magic Sarap to taste.

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Partnered w/ Campbell's chicken soup w/ egg. I didn't like this one (coz I made it. Haha!), it was too thick. I prefer the usual Knorr chicken soup that I cook.

Ingredients : 1 can of Campbell's chicken soup, 1 cup of water, 1 small can of evap milk, 1 egg. (The egg ruined it I think, I suggest not to put the egg)
How to : Mix the soup w/ water and heat. After it liquifies, put the milk and stir. Put the egg and mix.

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Arrived from work at past 11 tonight starving. I whipped this up from my veggies at the fridge. It's not so bad. I'll eat the left over for breakfast.

Ingredients : hotdog, cauliflower, baby corn, garlic and Magic Sarap.
How to : I just sauted everything together. Hehe.

One day, I will have to learn to cook real food, like Sinigang or Tinola! Until then, please bare with me! I'm still wishing I can go home early everyday to cook until I learn how to do it properly. :)


charmie tamba said...

hahahaha kala ko kaw na ngluto nung una babanat na sana ako.... :D hehehehe

ezra said...

haha! yung giniling lng ang di ako nagluto no. dnako marunong pag may meat na. hehe.

[pinkc00kies] said...

nice & easy to do. hahaha

Mauritius Lodging said...

we are waiting for that day when you learn to cook real food.
Till than good luck.

Samual James said...

LOLx that is really interesting..i think I should give it a try some day..:P
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Nomadic Samuel said...

This is a very simple meal but sometimes those are the best :)

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