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Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm going to Anton's Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 (May 14, 2010)

I'm so excited! There are only 1000 slots available and deadline is today! I just deposited my reservation for me, Shla and Etz. There will be about 50 suppliers in the event and it will be a foodie heaven! Hope to see everybody there!


What: Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 -- Be a Food Critic for a Day!
When: May 14, Friday, 7pm
Where: NBC Tent (Parking is available at The Fort Strip or around the NBC Tent)

Hosted by:
Ivan Man Dy, Food & Culture Guide of Old Manila Walks fame
Spanky Enriquez, Food & Political Blogger @ Manila Boy Blog

With Special Guest: The Comedy Cartel!

Contribution Fee:
P230/head (P100 each for children who are 3-6 years old)

- P200 contribution to MASED (Macario Arnold for Socio-Economic Development) Foundation's Out-of-School Youth Program
- P30 is for one bottle of any of the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews:
San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt and Cerveza Negra

Note: We will only serve beer to Foodies 18 years old and above.
Beer inside the event will be sold at Php 50 per bottle.

This is the post-election-payday-summer foodie event you should not miss!

How to participate as one of the 1,000 foodies in the event?

Pre-registration is still available. To secure your slot as a Foodie, just pay the P230 Contribution Fee per head via BPI Bank Deposit to:

BPI 6750 Branch
Current Account 3205-1148-14

Once you have made your contribution, please email Rache at and indicate all the details below (as we are anticipating all of our foodie friends making the deposit almost at the same time):


Appetizers / Starters (9 Food Suppliers)

1. Brazo by Ces Lopez :
St. Francis Quiche (with Portobello and Asparagus)
Chicken Pork Adobo Quiche
Classic Quiche Lorraine in Gruyere Cheese
2. Denim Kitchen : Bangus Sardines in Canola Oil, Smoked Mackerel in Olive Oil, Crunchy Garlic, Mango Chutney
3. Chile Vitas : Chile Cheese, Chile Vinegar, Chile Mustard & Chile Pepper sauce
4. Maison de Valere's chicken liver pate on toasts.
5. The Fruit Garden Assorted Fruit Jam
6. Joax Ingredients & Food Development Corporation's Fried cured meat and Dimsum
7. Emapanada Avenue's Empanadas
8. Oishi Smart C+ lemon variant and Marty's Baconnette Strips
9. Anla's Congee

Main Course / Meat (13 Food Suppliers)
10. Lattize's Lengua Sulipena and Corned Beef
11. Pepita's Kitchen Lechon
12. Sunrise Bucket Chicken Wings
13. Dulcelin main course + 1 dessert
14. Sakae Sushi Spider Roll Sushi
15. Pepetons Grill
Kapalmuks - deep-fried pig face, it's like crispy pata
Sinuman na tyan ng Bangus - Bangus belly wrapped in banana leaves
Binalay - Ibanag’s kakanin
Bundok rice - Pinoy version of Thai bagoong rice
16. Goodles Pasta
17. Crave Burger
18. JAM Foods' Angus Beef Tapa
19. True Santos Duck Farm's Muscovy Duck Ham (with special ham sauce)
20. Jay's Caldereta
21. The Classic Roast Whole Roast Duck and Roast Duck Siopao
22. Qasa 61's Marikina Cuisine

Desserts (16 Food Suppliers)

23. Kraze Kitch Bakeshop : Lengua de Gato - original, almonds, oatmeal raisin, ube, Flourless Chocolate Cake
24. Adee's Caramel Bars
25. Savoury Pies : Frozen Lemon and Herb Pie plus Frozen Strawberry Pie
26. Marveron Enterprises : Macaroons, apple pie, food for the gods and fresh lumpiang ubod
27. Purple Dough : Chocolate Chip Cookies/Peanut Butter Cookies
28. Heidi's Taiwan Snowflakes Ice
29. Craveman Food Ventures Inc. : Shaved Snow with toppings/flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate, Banana-choco, Ube-Munggo, Sweet Corn, Peanut
30. Better Sweet Spot's Cakes and Cupcakes - Dark Chocolate Cheese, Red Velvet, Chocolate Lava, Chewy Chocolate
31. Crepes & Cream Fiesta Halo Crepe
32. The Bandana Baker Mango Bars, Mega Chocolate Cookies, Cranberry & White Chocolate cookies
33. Anne Hilario's Chocolate praline ganache cake
34. Benzi's Cheese Brownies, Apple Bavarian Torte Cheesecake Lollipop or Cheesecake Truffle
35. Divine Desserts
36. Jeren's Kefir for Vegan from Coconut Kefir Dressing
37. Boracay's Frozen Swirl Kefir
38. Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe (FIC) Sansrival

Drinks (6 Drinks Suppliers)

39. San Miguel Lifestyle Brew's San Mig Dry, Cerveza Negra, Premium All-Malt
(Tasting Portions for FREE, P50/bottle during the event)
Note: Beer will only be served to Foodies 18 years old and above
40. SodaStream by Max.Ideas Marketing Corporation
41. Conlins Coffee by Conlins Coffee World Inc.
42. El Kapitan Coffee
43. Arpee Lazaro's Aqua Health alkaline ionized water
44. Paco Magsaysay's Holly's Milk

Cooking Ingredient

45. Goldea Rice Bran Oil



Jenalyn said...

wow enjoyon man ni,gro masiramon hehe. will wait for your blog about the actual event. :)

ezra said...

b, gsto mo mag iba.garo ma cancel si etz. bakalun monlng tix nya..hehe

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Boracay Hotels said...

Where did we buy this Boracay's Frozen Swirl Kefir....

Tanya Gemarin

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

ezra said...

mr anonymous. sure, pls leave ur link :)

Tanya, this was a food tasting event and i'm not sure where to get the swirl. it was really good though. :)

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