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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Makiyaki, Avenue Square. (Naga City. April 2010)

Makiyaki opened last April in Avenue Square. The owners, Tita Goldie and her Japanese hubby, Mitsuo Ugajin, are my Mom's friends and I promised to promote their resto in my blog. Makiyaki is Danica's fave resto because of their yummy Seafood Ramen. I remember Danica always requesting for this everytime I go home.

We went the night of Tito Rory's birthday.

I loved the Sushis in this platter, and I dont even eat Sushi. My favorites are the Makis.

My fault was, I didn't take note of the names and prices of the dishes because it was Tita Goldie's birthday treat for Tito Rory. Best I could do is describe the taste of the food.  :)

I think this was some kind of pork dish with just the right sweet and sour sauce. It's best to eat this with rice.

I loved this soup. It had a big serving and was enough for 3-4 people. The Seafood Ramen was not available that night.

Check out the new interior. They made it look bigger.

I liked the bar too. It was very classy. And the brick walls were nicely varnished.

I'm not sure but I believe that Makiyaki is the only authentic Japanese Resto in Naga City. They also have branch in SM Naga.

We took lots of photos that night. :)

If you ever happen to be in Avenue Square, why don't you give Makiyaki a visit and try their delicious Japanese food. Please say hi to Tita Goldie from me. :)

Food : 8/10.
Ambiance : Clean and cozy. Japanese style interior.
Price : 250-350 per person
Plus : Friendly staff; WIFI ready ; They have a shabu shabu stove.
Minus : The shabu shabu stove was not yet available the time I was there and the Takoyaki stall is not open yet.

Avenue Square, Magsaysay Avenue. Naga City. PH.
April 2010.


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