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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dayrit's flop. (Fort branch)

Went to lunch with my colleagues in Dayrit's near our building. I wasn't hungry so I just took photos. Glad I didn't eat because the food didn't look good enough to eat. They looked like something I would prepare. And mind you, I am terrible in the kitchen. Haha. They said, there was nothing extraordinary in the food either. It was expensive and the servings were small.

Callos Ala Madrilena at 215 Php

Fresh Corned Beef served with boiled vegetables, bread or rice at 275 Php

Food : 3/10. Nothing exciting.
Ambiance : Small and seats were crowded.
Price : 300-400 per person (not worth it)
Plus : Condiments are branded.
Minus : Too expensive for such small servings. Service crew that served us was feisty.

Dayrit's Fort
Forum, Fort 31st and 2nd ave. Bonifacio STop Over
Bonifacio Global City
Contact No. : 818-0168
March 2010


charmie tamba said...

super exage naman ng prices!!! not worth it nga!

ezra said...

unga tapos di din nmn msarap

applelicious said...

the corned beef looks like it came from the can (for that price, it should be home made). i bet it's just argentina or purefoods :D

ezra said...

bka purefoods kaya mahalun. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Try the Roast Beef, dun naman sila known talaga e, kaso it was years ago since I ate here [referring to their older main branch]. Even if I was the one dining out, I wouldn't order corned beef :p I'd be disappointed if I would concur with your review, pero you didn't eat naman to find out for yourself.

I just heard recently that they adjusted the prices and the servings :p

ezra said...

hi anonymous.. my mom actually loved dayrits when she ate at the same branch.

im just not a fan of spending so much money on food. esp since ill just poop it. plus im trying to lose weight! hehe. :)

[cookiespink] said...

i heard their food is good? i wanna try this pa naman.

ezra said...

hi cookiespink, please try it! don't take my word for it, haven't tasted any of their food naman. this was just an impression. hehe. :)

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