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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Molino (Magsaysay Ave., Naga City)

I went to Molino last holy week 'coz i was so excited to eat their yummy Adobo Bits! Plus I was meeting two of my super friends for dinner (and drinks).

Molino Grill is newly renovated. It was closed for months I think and they just opened recently, just in time for the holidays. I liked the new place, it's cleaner and more presentable.

Adobo Bits at Php 135. I was so disappointed because it was not crispy like it should be. I complained to the waiter but he said that there's nothing he can do if the chef  (he called him 'Cook') made it that way. I didn't want to get upset and return the plate coz we might get the "spit treatment" from the waiter. Plus, I was having so much fun laughing with the girls.

12 shots of Kamekazee? (Not sure if this is right, there is another red drink like this one) at Php 160.

I loved the wooden containers. They didn't have these before.

Sisig (Special). I forgot how much because I forgot to photograph the other side of the menu. It's prolly about 100-120 Php.

12 shots of Black Knights at Php 160.

Girls just want to have fu-hun!

Food : 8/10. I usually love the food in Molino.  
Ambiance : Bar type. I liked the newly renovated version of Molino.
Price : 150-200 per person.
Plus : Free WIFI. Inexpensive food. Located beside a cafe (Beanbag).
Minus : Just this once, I was disappointed by the Adobo Bits! Argh.

Molino Grill
**Magsaysay Ave., Naga City
**SM, Naga CIty
March 2010

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