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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guzia Cafe (Makati. 4.08.10)

My colleagues and I were so hungry one late night after work that we decided to go to Saguijo for dinner. It was past 11 pm and we did not know any decent open resto near our street, so off we went to Guijo st.. Just when we where entering Saguijo, I saw this purplish Guiza Cafe sign just up ahead. I always like trying anything new (and cheap preferrably), so I suggested we go in the Guzia Cafe instead.

The colors were really inviting. :)

 They got nice lighting. The interior was clean and they had a little bar too.

We ordered immediately coz we were starving. The menu was a two pager but they had a lot to choose from. What's best is they have free iced tea for all meals. Plus free videoke on their flat screen LCDs. The place is a nice chill out corner if you want privacy.

Sizzling tofu plate at 65 Php (wit iced tea). I didn't like it but Imelds did. I like my tofu tender, not overly fried.

Longsilog plate at 65 Php (w/ iced tea).

Lechon Paksiw and Tinola at 65 Php each (w/ rice and iced tea).

Guzia Cafe has been in Guijo st. since November 2009.

Food : 5/10.
Ambiance : Clean and cozy.
Price : 100-150 per person
Plus : Free videoke. Friendly staff. Inexpensive menu.
Minus : Food is not that awesome.

Guzia Cafe
7613 Guijo St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City
contact nos. : 09159418228 ; 02 5669455
websites : / Makati


GUZIA said...


thank you for visiting guzia cafe. thank you rin for posting it in your blog. we take your comments positively. Maybe you can visit us again sometime to try other menu, plus a slice of cake compliments of guzia cafe :).

also, can i ask your permission if i can copy and post the pictures in guzia cafe facebook account.

Thanks and God Bless :)


ezra said...

Hi Gerry,

Thanks. Sure you can use the photos. Hope you can link my blog when you do. :)

Glad you found my post. :)

- Ezra

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