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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cowboy Express Grill (Fort, Taguig City)

Tagged along for a quick lunch with officemates in a nearby building. I didn't eat again coz I was full, just wanted to take photos. :)

Chicken Inasal (w/o rice) at Php 125. (+20 if w/ rice) They said, Bacolod chiken is still better.

Tuna Sisig at Php 105. They said it was good. Spicy too.

Pork Sinigang at Php 75.


Thanks Jaja for making me look hotter skinnier in the photos. LOL!

Food : 5/10. Nothing exciting.
Ambiance : Typical grill place.
Price : 100-150 per person
Plus : Free delivery
Minus : Expensive for the usual inasal types of food. I'd rather go to Mang Inasal.

Cowboy Express Grill
GF Net Plaza Bldg, 31st street
Bonifacio Bonifacio Global City
Contact No. : 403-4950
March 2010

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