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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 - UTT 4.0 (NBC Tent, Fort. May 14, 2010)

Apologize for taking so long to post this entry, I have been so lazy lately. Haha.

We deposited 230 Php to Anton's account for this food tasting event. I was supposed to go with Shla and Etz but Etz had to cancel at the last minute. So glad that Alfons agreed to go with us, he's a good cook so he loves food.

We made sure to be at the venue before 7pm. The line was long and we were glad we were a bit early. Because all the 1000 slots were paid for before the event, no walk ins were allowed in the tent.

Photos by Alfonsito Baludio. UTT 4.0

I was so overwhelmed by all the food stalls that when I saw Anton, I hurriedly instructed Alfons to take a photo and when that was done, I left! Haha! How rude! I have been a follower of Anton for 4-5 years I think and this is the first time I ever saw him. And I traded a conversation with him for all the food! It's kinda funny when I think of it. Well he did seem to remember me. I introduced myself  as Ezra and he said something like "There must be only one Ezra right?" Haha. I just told him, "I hope so!" and then I bolted! To the chicken wings! Haha! ***Argh! What have I done?! Sorry Anton, I truly love you, but all the food! It was just too much temptation!

I got a photo with Anton! Yipeeeeeeeeee! I've been a follower since forever, and this is the first time that I saw him in person. (Photo by Alfonsito Baludio)

I tried to shoot using my D10 but the lighting was terrible at the event. Besides, I had too much food in my hands to even bother taking photos. I was too excited! I have never had so much food waiting fo me!

These were taken by me. Apologize for all the yellowish shots, I'm a terrible shooter in the dark. I'm too lazy to do slow shutter, plus my Bloo (D10) could not handle the dark I think. And I'm always running to the next booth! Haha. All photos not tagged as Alfonsito's are mine.

Photo with Aidan and his cousin (?). At first he was shy and he signaled "no", but I said "pleeeease" and he was the one who walked near me for a photo. Real cute! I wish I had a photo with Josh too, but he was playing all the way behind the stage on the other side.
  Aidan and his cousin were so nice to let me have my photo taken with them. :)

I posted the below photo in my facebook and a common friend, Charm, tagged Spanky. I was surprised when Spanky added me. He's so nice! I'm evil, I never add a stranger to my facebook account. Hehe.

I was running around when I saw Spanky, and I mustered the courage to ask for a photo. :)

Before we entered the tent, we were given scorecards and maps. It was very uselful in tracking all the booths, certainly helped me prioritize. Hehe.

The score card!

The map.

We were also given a make shift paper box we can use as containers for all our foodie collection. This helped but not that much. I hope I brought a big bag with me. Haha! Will take note of this next time.

We were all geared up and ready to stuff ourselves. Anton did an introduction together with the hosts Spanky and another guy(?). I never knew that Anton was so soft spoken. I imagined him to be all tough and rough. Hehe.

Anton did a countdown and it was funny how a lot of people were lined up in our line near the chicken wings! Haha! Those wings certainly looked divine!

Me munching on chicken wings. Haha! So delish! Check out Sunrise Buckets!

We were asked to wear plastic gloves so we can eat this with our hand. It was yummy, but Shla was right, it could use more juicyness on the inside. The flavor was concentrated on the exterior of the chicken only. (Photo by Alfons)

I gave this a 4/5. Go Sunrise Buckets! I wonder how much these wings cost. It would have helped if everybody had a menu with prices.

While walking to the next booth, I was asked to sample the free beer. I never liked beer. I just didn't want to offend the lady. :)  They had 3 kinds, dry, malt and Cervesa Negra. (Photo by Alfons)

I was having second thoughts if this man was Wency and when they said it's the same man, I asked to have a photo with him. Hehe. I can't remember his booth's name (Kraze kutch?). Argh! They had tasty brownies though, I loved them! (Photo by Alfons)

Pepita's Lechon had amazing crispy lechon, and I don't even like lechon. Maybe because they had some tasty potato paired with it. (Photo by Alfons)

Yum! (Photo by Alfons)

By this time, halfway to the event, I was already looking fat! Haha! I had so much in my mouth, can you tell? :)  Chile Vitas did not make an impression though. (Photo by Alfons)

These makis from Sakae Sushi were so delish! There was no line when we went there but once the foodies discovered how good they were, their line was always the longest. Well next to Manila Q. (Photo by Alfons)

Definitely recommended!

This bread was divine! It was soft and almost creamy. I'm terrible at describing tastes but this was sooo good! I forgot what this green thing was, I think it was spinach.

The fish fillet was good too! I'm not sure if this booth is Denim Kitchen (?).

Crepe in Crepes and Cream wasn't that great. Or maybe I was just too full to enjoy it?

I was amazed by this bald woman behind me so I asked Fonsy to steal a shot. I wonder who she is, I hope she doesn't mind. I always dreamed of being bald, so sad that my face wouldn't be able to handle it. Haha!

These hotdogs from Hero were good. They were frying little pieces so we could taste all samples.

The empanada from Empanada Avenue was surprisingly good at 12 Php.

This is my only decent shot of these blueberry cheese cakes from Divine Desserts but i had to post it here because they were amazing! They were so creamy!

The coffee in Conline (?) was good but El Kapitan's was better.

Happy Green's dips and salsa were sooo good. I wish I had them before I was too full.

Because I was dizzy from eating too much, I dropped the basil (?) sauce right on my camera (D10) and spilled oil all over it! Waaaaah! Good thing it's an underwater camera. I had to wash it like 10 times before I realized that Joy was the cure for the grease.

Pepeton's Grill had some good crispy lechon bits. I loved it!

El Kapitan's! My fave of all. I gave them a 5/5. They are the supplier of the most popular cafes, including Starbucks!

Espresso Machine, Vending Machine, Coffee Beans, Syrups and Frappuccino Mixes Supplier
26-E Samat St., corner Banawe, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: +632 720-3248 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +632 720-3248 end_of_the_skype_highlighting to 51, 740-2884 to 86
Contact Raymond So 0920-9510872

I returned to their booth like 6 times, to taste different kinds of fraps. I loved the white mocha the most. They even made orange frap taste good. :)

Soda Stream, I was most amazed by this booth. They can turn water into soda in 3 seconds. Now is that amazing or what? For a soda lover like me, that was off the roof! And guess what? They were selling the cool carbonizer at 2800 Php (50% off)!!! I was going to buy it, but I got all caught up with the other booths that I totally forgot about this! Argh!

Healthy soda! That's a 5/5 for me! And the carbonized water actually tasted good!

My final scores! (Click photo to enlarge!)

Overall, it was an awesome experience. It was the best 230 Php I ever spent in my life! Thank you Anton Diaz (and friends?) for organizing an amazing event like this. I can't wait for the next one on August. I'm definitely bringing more friends!


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