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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3/20 Venti from Tin. (Starbucks. Fort, Taguig City. April 2010)

The very same day Tin and I went to lunch at Cafe Juanita, Tin said I could claim my 3rd (out of 20) venti. We had a bet about 6 years ago and I won myself 20 ventis. Haha. Tin was so sure she was gonna win that she bet 20 ventis when we were both dirt poor. Lol.

We hardly see each other so I'm only on my 3rd, but hopefully that changes because we are now neighbors in Fort.

Coffee date with Tin.

Sorry, I can't divulge what the bet was about. Haha!

I had a venti Caramel Frap (160 Php?). It was rainy that evening and a frap made me shiver more. Perfect!

Bets are awesome!

It was fun catching up and telling each other everything we missed. We hardly noticed we were blabbering for more than 2 hours. Till next time! Mwaaah!

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shla081 said...

weee..saya naman :) me, im sooooo busy with school+work..raaaaaaa!

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