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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cafe Juanita Lunch (Burgos Circle. Fort, Taguig City. April 2010)

Tin and I wanted to have lunch somewhere we've never eaten before so we walked for 15-20 minutes around Fort and ended up in Cafe Juanita. We were opting for something inexpensive but that's hard to find in Fort. Haha!

Cafe Juanita did not disappoint though. :)

We ordered two dishes, not knowing it would be too much. Surprisingly though, because it was so good, we finished everything!

Cafe Juanita is known to serve food, asian fusion style.

Tin definitely loved her bagnet.

The bagnet serving was small relative to its price of 337 Php (+ VAT + SC) but it was good. Crispy and tasty. The vinegar was authentic ilokano flavored.

I ordered the Paad Thai expecting it to be in a small bowl as usual, but when it was served, it came in this huge platter. I was quite pleased with the presentation. The web design was cool! But what I liked best in their Paad Thai is that it had tofu! I'm a tofu lover and I'm always amazed when someone makes it taste good. :)

Paad Thai at 258 Php + Vat + SC.


Food : 8/10. (10/10 for Paad Thai!)
Ambiance : Artsy Fartsy. Nice but too much details for me.
Price : 500-800 per person
Plus : Amazing Paad Thai!
Minus : No WIFI. Only open during lunch and dinner.

Cafe Juanita
Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City.
Taguig City, Philippines.
April 2010


charmie tamba said...

miss ko na padthai!!! makaluto nga nyan this weekend hehehehe :D

is this the same with that artsy resto somewhere in marikina...which im not sure if its also cafe juanitahehehe?

ezra said...

ansarap tlga nung paad thai nilaaaaaaaa. dpa ko nakakbalik . hehe

dko alam..hehe

charmie tamba said...

its the same nga! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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