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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cozy Tianenmen. (Makati Ave., Makati. October 2010)

First of, I'm so sorry for the not so clear photos. My bloo is not impressive in the dark. Plus, I wasn't particularly clickity that evening. I just wanted to have dinner.

Tianenmen, absolutely has the best Banana Shake I have ever had! You must try it! The cereal was a yummy twist! I would go back just for this!

Banana Shake at Php 78.

The ambiance was inviting with the cozy private corners and cushioned-by-pillows-seats. I noticed that the pillows and curtains (were tattered! eew!) were dirty though. I wasn't in the mood to be bitchy that night though. I just wanted to eat my yummy dinner. I was sure the food was good so I didn't let the eewy curtains bother me.

I've always loved the food in Tianenmen, they have identical menus with North Park I think. They say they are sister companies. I always order their Double Porked Rib, it is always my comfort food when I visit Tianenmen.

Double Porked Rib at Php 113.

Lechon Macau at Php 181. Super crispy!

Yang Chow at Php 146.

You have to try it! It's a lovely "date corner". :)


Food : 9/10 for the food
Ambiance : 8/10. i loved the japanese style seats.
Price : 250-300 per person
Plus : good service.
Minus : The curtains and pilllows look dirty!!! eeew!

7876 Makati Ave cor Dapo St.
Makati City

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