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Monday, August 30, 2010

i Heart Froyo! (UP Diliman. Quezon, City. August 2010)

We were on our way to UP Diliman to shoot when we came across this cute little joint in the Teacher's Village. It was a Sunday and the streets were empty. We were glad the froyo shop remained opened.

i heart Froyo. :)

I've been trying different kinds of frozen yogurts ever since I tried Yogurt Nation's froyo last May 2010. I had to give this a try.

cute little yogurt containers.

i loved the seats!

wall notes!

It was interesting to see that customers were allowed to leave notes in their bulletin boards. They left testimonials and love notes for everybody to see. I had fun reading them.

They had different toppings for the froyos.

Ethel, my model for the day, definitely loved the froyo.

Igit (my S5is Canon Powershot) had to have some shots too.

Regular cup at Php 55 + 1 premium chocolate topping at Php 20.

They had little hearts on the wall. I loved it!

Food : 6/10 for the froyo.
Ambiance : highschoolish. fun.
Price : 70-150 Php.
Plus : wall/love notes.
Minus : expensive compared to per weight froyos.

I Heart Froyo
Teacher's Village
UP DIliman, Queazon City.


EthelCabacungan said...

thanks for the lovely shoot! and the froyo too! 'twas expensive..but they got my fav topping! :) hehe lets explore Maginhawa street one saturday ok! love it!

ezra said...

sa gourdo's baka may ganong topping.

hehe cge go ako jan! kelan tayo babalik? dapat sat kase sarado ang sundays dba

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.

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