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Monday, August 23, 2010

Jami's Send Off Dinner at Kalye Juan (Mall Of Asia, Pasay City. May 2010)

My not so little (anymore) cousin, Jami was leaving for the US last May. We had a send off dinner (courtesy of Tita Girly) for her at Kalye Juan in MOA.

We were opting for North Park but Kalye Juan was a more inexpensive alternative. Plus, I honestly think that it was more worth our money (or tita's. Hehe.). I don't think anyone was disappointed, they loved it. 

My looney family. :)

Jami tasting Kalye Juan's famous Sisig.

Laing is a must for Bikolanos! Php 120.

Boneless Chicken Barbeque at Php 140.

This Liempo Sinigang sa Miso was soooo good! Php 185.

Fried Tenga! Php 100.

The Tokwa't Baboy was a hit too! Php 120.

Grilled Sisig sa Kalye, my fave sisig! Php 150.

Calamares. For Kalye Juan's huge servings, this plate had too few calamares for me. Php 160.

Crispy Pata! Absolutely sinful. Php 380.

Goofing around. :)

Agua Bendita. Haha!

Shy Jami?!


It was tita Girly's treat! :)

Kalye Juan is the best!


Food : 9/10.
Ambiance : Nice but small. And you will smell like barbeque after you dine.
Price : 200-300 Php per person.
Plus : Awesome food! Inexpensive too.
Minus : Poor exhaust system.
Kalye Juan
North Parking. 139-140.
SM Mall of Asia.
Contact No. : 556-0612

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