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Monday, August 23, 2010

First try - Yogurt Nation (Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. May 2010)

We were supposed to go to Cafe Juanita for an afternoon snack only to find out that they only open during lunch and dinner. We walked around Fort looking for a new place to visit when we saw Yogurt Nation. Yogurt Nation just opened when we first visited their place.

Walking around Fort, we just had to have a photo with this metallic tree.

It was Bernice's send off treat. She was leaving our company and we tricked her into treating us for snacks.

Lots of toppings. I loved the marshmallows and the cheese the most. The marshmallows harden a bit when mixed with the froyo.

Yogurt Nation charges by weight , Php 23++ per gram, including the frozen yogurt and the toppings. They have different kinds of chocolates and fruits. We had fun pouring all kinds of toppings to our yogurt. I don't like yogurt generally because the texture is akin to phlegm (apologize for the nasty comparison), but I just had to try the froyo.

Choosing among yummy toppings!

My first ever froyo from Yogurt Nation. Php 180++. Thanks Bernice!

They had 6 yogurt flavors when we went there and all of it tasted awesome! I loved the consistency and texture of their froyo. Almost no difference with the regular ice cream. It would have been awesome if they allowed free taste of the froyos so it would be easier to decide what to get.

The black plastic spoons had sharp edges though, hope they can do something about it. Other than that, everything was great. :)

It was so beautiful, I had second thoughts about eating it. Haha!

The owners were a young couple who were super sweet and accommodating. Thank you for letting me take photos of your new place. We had a nice time. Apologize for the 4 month late blogpost. Haha!

How can something so yummy be healthy?

We decided to sit on the 3rd floor, bar portion of the building. The place is divided into 3 divisions. 1st floor is for the froyo, 2nd floor is the restaurant where you can order lunch or dinner and 3rd floor is the bar where they have their famous ladies night once (?) a week.

I loved the lights!

We didn't have time to eat more so we ordered out this dish. Roma's Chop at Php 175. Sadly, this dish increased it's price at almost 150%+ as of today. Alfons said this was delicious!

After this visit, I've been back at least five times. Hope to blog about those visits too. Maybe I'll try their unlimited beer for Php 300 next time!

Food : 8/10 for the froyo.
Ambiance : modern design, cool to the eyes. i love their interior design.
Price : 200-300 Php per person per froyo.
Plus : Owners were super nice! The establishment is a 3 in 1 one stop resto. :)
Minus : Expensive. I would be back more often if it was more affordable.
Yogurt Nation
1D and 2D, The Sapphire Residences
31st st. cor 2nd avenue, Crescent park West
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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