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Monday, September 13, 2010

Yogi Berry Frozen Yogurt (SM North, Quezon City. August 2010)

I try almost all froyo joints I see. So when I passed by Yogi Berry, I just had to know if it's any good. I loved how colorful the place is, so much so, that you will notice it when you walk by.

I loved the benched seats.

The froyo machines, had instructions on the wall on how to get the froyo. Php 15 per gram, they charge by weight.

I tried the banana split and taro flavor.

They offered different kinds of toppings too.

I loved that they had fruits and my favorite krispies and marshmallows.

I always put M&Ms and sprinkles because they give color to my froyo which is fun when I take photos.

They had coffeejelly and strawberry chocolates!

At 15 Php per gram, the actual froyo seemed to weigh less than what it said in the scale. My froyo was not even half full and it cost me almost 100 Php. We felt like the scale was off and because of this, we wouldn't try buying froyo here again, at least in the SM North branch. I'm not just saying this, I felt that this cup was expensive, having tried Yogurt nation, Qoola and other froyo stores.

This was mine. I loved the cereals. The yogurt was ordinary.

Yogi Berry Froyo.

Food : 7/10 for the froyo. nothing extraordinary about it though.
Ambiance : colorful. fun.
Price : 70-250 Php per person.
Plus : fun ambiance. lots of toppings available.
Minus : scale doesn't seem right. because of that, the froyo became expensive.

Yogi berry Frozen Yoghurt Co.
SM The Block North Edsa
Quezon City
Tel No. : 421-2781

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