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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kirby's Chicharon from Cebu City (September 2010)

Yummy! Yummy!

Mom was just in Cebu and she brought mo two packs of this super crunchy chicharon. It was my first time to eat from a vacuumed pack. Hehe. It was soooo good, I wanted to eat it with rice!

I want more! Where can I get some of these? I asked mom how much it cost her per pack but she doesn't know. Turns out, they were just given to her.

Absolutely sinful! Best with sweet and sour sauce.

Kirby's Chicharon
Contact # : 415-0321
Cellphone # : 09324787888; 09165570888; 09217509888


charmie tamba said...

im not sure if this is the same chicharon leo bought nung nasa cebu kami.... basta when we went to the shamrock store sa may osmena circle may mga chicharon dun... baka eto din yun... :-) i think leo bought the small packs which cost him 3 for Php100.... not so sure lang ha... :D

ezra said...

sarap nya no! tastes expensive..

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