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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scramble Rambol from Bicol. (Makati. September 2010)

Ice scramble at 17 Php, large cup + 4 Php for the chocolate toppings.

This was my second cup of ice scramble at the Pinoy Trepreneur trade fair at Glorietta last September 25. I loved that they poured lots of powedered milk into my cup and a handful of those kisses shaped milk chocolates.

This particular Scramble Rambol kiosk, I found out, was from Bicol. I asked because I saw the Kinalas kiosk beside them, I just had to ask. It was nice to know everybody manning the kiosks were from Bicol.

I was surprised to know that the franchise of Scramble Rambol would cost you 154k Php. That is quite pricey for a not very popular ice scramble franchise. Or is it popular already?

Yet another ice scramble find. And this one from my province. :)

1 comment:

shla081 said...

i tried their ice scramble in sm naga. siram. nkkamiss mag ice scramble!

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