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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Red Ribbon Lunch and Vicky Morales. (Taguig City. July 2010)

Random lunch out.

my beaded bracelet.

Beef patty meal. Php 80? I forgot totake a photo of the menu.

I don't like beef but I had to try this beef patty because they said it's good. I'm not sure if it's because I don't like beef in general, or I was just full, but I wasn't very impressed. But points on the size of that patty though, it was big.

Pork Macau? Didn't get the price either.

And guess who was in front of our table during lunch, Vicky Morales with her twins. I didn't recognize her at first. She had no make up on, but was surprisingly beautiful. She looked younger than she does on TV. And her face looked so skinny, that I was surprised to see that she was pregnant when she stood up. I hope she doesn't mind that I posted her photo here.

Not her best angle, but I assure you, she looked so pretty. And her two boys were adorable! Didn't get a photo of them though.


Food : 7/10 for the food.
Ambiance : clean. white walls.
Price : 70-250 Php per person.
Plus : Cakes are good.
Minus : service is very slow. website not update yet, no address for the new branch in Fort. and no menu too.


Red Ribbon
Fort, Taguig City (beside Pizzahut)
website :

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