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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hizon's Grand Food Tasting Event (Makati. October 2010)

I got an invite for the Hizon's Grand Tasting Event in Makati. I missed to go to the last one because I had a flight to Tacloban. I was so happy that I got another chance to go.

I was supposed to go with another set of friends but one of them cancelled, so I went with Melds and Jaja instead.

It was raining hard that night and it took us an hour and a half to get to the location. We were famished by the time we arrived and we were awed by the welcoming Oscar themed ballroom and all the gorgeous food just waiting to be eaten.

Like last year, I failed to get all the names of the dishes, only because most of them didn't have a name displayed beside them. I'm proud to say I tasted (almost) all of the food, which were so hard to resist.

The room was very welcoming. :)

Fondue. With marshmallows, pineapple and apples on sticks.

Orchids on our table. How lovely!

Dunno what this was called, but it was chicken on some kind of bread. The bread was too thick and dry though.

Yummy appetizer. tomatoes and fish (?) on bread.

Zucchini with crab sticks and salad. I loved this!

Sauce for the awesome quesadillas!

Everyone loved this, including me. Crabsticks and salad on bread. So yummy!

Look at the dessert bar!

Blueberry Brulee. This was an eye candy!

A closer look. :)

This was some kind of jelly dessert.

I loved the table cloth. Royal purple is love!

I liked this white dessert (brulee?). I don't know what the white jelly is made of though.

Their leche flan was flat and airy and lacked sweetness. Or was I just too full when I tried this? :)

I ordered a White Russian for my cocktail drink.

This was a dish made of beef (?).

Roast Pork. My friend Melds loved this.

This was chicken. I didn't like it, it was too dry.

This was Dory Fish Fillet. Looooooove!

Loved this light fixture on the table.

My 1st plate of appetizers!

My White Russian and Imelda's plate.

My plate of quesadillas. I looooved this! Yummy!

My 3rd plate. Gotta try the local viands with rice! I was so full by this time.

Ready to attack!

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate!

They gave us copies of the packages they offered.

Us three enjoying the free dinner. :)

*most photos were taken by me. some by melds. (no edits, too lazy.)
*camera used was Meld's Nikon D40. Thanks lab! (should i buy my own? Hi Sta. Claus!)

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