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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breakfast At Legazpi Market. (Makati. October 2010)

Open sundays in Legazpi Village Makati, 7am to 2pm. We saw a local actor (upper left), can't remember his name.

Had to have something different to eat yesterday. Was supposed to go to Lung Center, but it was too far. Decided to just take a jeepney to Marvin Plaza and walk two blocks. (1, 2)

Had lumpiang ubod (Php15 each - not in photos) and Vigan Empanada (Php 50 - not in photos coz we ate it in a snap!).

I saw this fresh lumpia kiosk while walking around and I just had to have some. The colors were so inviting. This is like the one we had during our Intramuros walk last July (hope to blog about that soon.LOL!).

I could definitely do this! So easy! I wish I knew what the ingredients were.

So mouth watering!

It took the lady about a minute to give me my fresh lumpia. Now that's fast food! Hehe.

They even wrapped it like this. It looked so clean!  

I loved it! I wish I had bought another one to take home.

I love sundays!

Yan Ching : Tha Original Fresh Lumpia.
Contact at 723-6240 or 723-6241

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