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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sidcor Sunday Market (Quezon Ave., Quezon City. May 2011)

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I found a new Sunday Market! Weeeeeeeeeee! Since Lung Center Sunday Market moved to Quezon Circle, having Sidcor is actually better since it's just under the Quezon Avenue MRT.

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They have my favorite Vigan Empanada! Despite the unbearable heat that day, I still enjoyed this extra hot and steamy empanada. Like I always say, I will go back to Ilocos just for these yummy heaven sent delicacy.

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The Ginatan wasn't so bad but I could have ordered something more refreshing like that ice cream below. Dirty ice cream is the best!

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Sidcor Market is hosting Our Awesome Planet's Annual Taste Test 9.0 this July 29, 2012.

Super late post, I'm sorry. I'm gonna have a lot of these late posts because 2011 was quite challenging for me. I can't believe I was uninspired for a whole year. I have to change that though, i'll do something about that soon.

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