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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Purge Crooked Cab Drivers! (February 2011)

Photo credits from HERE. Colored in Paint.

I’ve been a victim of abusive taxi drivers too many times. With meters running so fast, sometimes it doubles my tab. Also, I didn’t mind cab drivers who refused to take you until I found out that was illegal. I esp. hate cabbies who ask for additional Php 50 only after you’re already 5 minutes in the cab. I swear if I had a taser, I’d zap you crooks from behind.

But I can’t really retaliate everytime while I’m still in the taxi, coz they might shoot me point blank or throw me in the middle of EDSA or something. I understand that they’re all just trying to earn moolah, but aren’t we all?! Who gave you the right to cheat on hard working commoners like me? Just because I take cabs, doesn’t mean I’m effin rich you know? If I were, I’d have a car. And a BMW at that.

So you A-hole cabbies who choose to cheat and deceive your passengers, take note that everytime I happen to be in your cabs, I report you to the Taxi Police. And I hope for the sake of all the honest working individuals like me, LTO revokes your licenses and takes your taxi franchises away.

You are no different from the petty thieves lurking the streets.

For any taxi related violations, please send plate numbers and concerns to :
Taxi Police : +63918-8848484 or call 7890
LTO : +63921-448777

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