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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anvaya Cove - Morong, Bataan (February 2011)

I am lucky to be with a company who brings me to places like Anvaya Cove. Truly, the place will take your breath away. It was so beautiful, I didn't want to leave.

I'm not going to talk about how we went there to work 'coz that would be a total snooze. As for me, after work, I took advantage of the whole treat! After a month of being a zombie at the office, I deserve to have a slice of paradise.

Anvaya Cove is a private beach and nature club (by Ayala Land) exclusive to it's members. This means that you have to know someone who owns a house there for you to enjoy the facilities. Houses and lots with a magnificent view of the cove can cost as much as 50 million php. This particular slice of paradise is expensive!

The pool was to die for and the food was overflowing. I had to do a mental check every time I woke up just to be sure I haven't died and gone to heaven yet.

Breakfast buffet every morning was the best. Every meal, I think, made me gain a kilo.

Did a 5 minute photo walk with Sir Alfred, him w/ his awesome Canon 7D, and me w/ my humble Canon D10.

 Teambuilding. :) 

My first time ever to do wall climbing and rapelling!

And zipline! It was awesome!

Did a sunset shoot. :)

Went swimming after the teambuilding. I think it's why I got sick the weekend after this trip.

Happy birthday Rey!

Heavenly breakfast!

I love Anvaya!

Morong , Bataan. Philippines.

More photos HERE.

US toll free number : 1-877-atAYALA (282-9252)
PH number : (02) 793-9000 and (+63) 9178-ANVAYA

Directions to Anvaya Cove:
1. Take the North Luzon Expressway.
2. Then take SCTEX Exit (Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway)
3. Take Subic Exit
4. Enter Subic via Subic-Tipo Toll gate
5. Once inside Subic, follow the Anvaya road signs. If there aren't any, follow the signs to “Morong Gate”.
6. Keep driving until you reach Morong Gate.
7. Just stick to the road until you reach the entrance of Anvaya Cove.


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