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Friday, February 11, 2011

Danica's 9th. (Naga City. January 27-30, 2011)

The Red Tako by Makiyaki, SM Naga. January 27, 2011.

I went home to Bicol for my little sister's 9th birthday this year. I spent the whole weekend at home eating and having fun with my sisters. It was four days of quality time with my most beloved family. :)

Mom and Tito Rory fetched me from the airport. We went directly to SM Naga to buy candies for Danica's birthday lootbags.

Lunch at Molino, SM Naga, while Mom fixed Danica's lootbags. It was a working lunch for me too.

It was a Thursday so Danica had class. We went to her school to surprise her. She was happy to see me. :)

 Danica's class. I've forgotten how rowdy kids can be. Hehe.

After class, we went to her doctor (where I fell asleep) to get her anti rabies shot because she got bitten by a cat a couple of days before. We went home to change for dinner after she got her injection.

She coudn't wait to open her gifts and begged not to wait till after dinner. She loved the shorts I got her and that skull shirt she requested. I also got her sungka and books. She can read faster now and she likes books with pictures.

We had a simple family dinner at Bob Marlin who offers the best (and i mean the best!) Crispy Pata in Naga City. I feel like I ate most of that sinful Crispy Pata. It was so tempting so I had to give in. So much for not eating rice. By the way, owner didn't charge us for that yummy Crispy Pata. Thanks Tita Cristy!

Family birthday dinner at Bob Marlin, Magsaysay Avenue Naga City. January 27, 2011.

We had Kare Kare, Blue Marlin (?), Crispy Pata, Grilled Squid and Shrimp/Chicken Basket. Yum!

Sisters and I had coffee at Starbucks after dinner. Had to wash off all the oily stuff with sweets.

Next day was a Friday, so sisters had classes. I slept until lunch and woke up to my Mom's cooking. Everytime I'd go home, I'd always request that she cook me my favorite tofu dish that only she can cook best. And what was awesome was, she also cooked liver steak, another fave. It felt so good to be home! :)

Tofu and liver steak by my gorgeous mom. :)

After lunch, I had a dentist appointment with Doc. Caramoan. Last time I went there (3mos ago) to have my teeth cleaned, she said I had to have 10 of my teeth fixed. So I scheduled the entire afternoon just for that. I had my mouth open for almost 3 hours. Almost had my jaws locked. Haha! But the result was awesome! No more cavities! Thanks Tita!

Me at the dentist's. Check out Danica's tats. Lookin like an ex-con. Haha!

After the dentist, mom treated us to Bigg's! I missed Bigg's. I loved their branch in Magsaysay. The interior was so inviting. I esp. loved the old cameras. And the frames were awesome!

We had burgers, fries and spag. Danica loved the yogurt. I can't wait for her to taste the yogurts here. :)

Lovin Bigg's interior. Check out the photo frames on the wall! Loooooooove! Wish I could have my photos in those frames.

Mom had a dance practice for Tita Jane's 50th birthday so we killed time in Avenue Plaza Hotel (APH is the best hotel in Naga City - 4 stars?). I sat near the pool and worked for like 4hrs. I love it in APH, everyone is so nice and the service is awesome. I'd live there if I can afford it!

That afternoon, Sir Allan, the owner, saw Danica and greeted her a happy birthday. He insisted on a free room as a birthday gift! How awesome!

We waited for Honee in Avenue Plaza Hotel while I worked.

For dinner we decided to try Miggy's in Magsaysay Avenue, so we walked to Magsaysay. On our way out, we saw Tita Goldie (Owner of Makiyaki), she greeted Danica a happy birthday and asked what gift she wanted. Danica just smiled, but we all knew she wanted her fave Seafood Ramen from Makiyaki. Haha! So in we went!

Dinner at Makiyaki. Seafood Ramen + Tofu Agedashi (?). Tita Goldie also had a japanese baby visitor. So cute!

Danica with her yummy Seafood Ramen from Makiyaki. Thanks Tita Goldie!

After Makiyaki, we decided we still weren't full and that we should continue with our Miggy's dinner. So we walked along Magsaysay Avenue when we should have taken a tricycle. We stopped at WestPark and checked out the BlackMarket.

Blackmarket sold a lot of cool stuff at a slightly overpriced mark up, but that's because I've seen most of them in Divisoria.

Walking towards Miggy's we saw Kebob (in front of Bob Marlin's, beside Miggy's) and decided to try it out before going to Miggy's. We tried pita and kebob but after having 2 servings, we decided we were too full to eat more at Miggy's. We called it a night and went back to Avenue Plaza Hotel where mom was waiting to take us home.

Kebob's, Magsaysay Avenue Naga City.

Next day (January 29, 2011) after lunch, we claimed Danica's birthday gift and checked in at Avenue Plaza Hotel. As expected, staying there was the best, like always. We stayed there during Mom's birthday, Christmas and during my HS reunion. They consistently gave us the best service.

Just checked in at Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City.

After settling in and taking a hot bath, Danica and I went to SM Naga to see a movie. We took some photos in APH's hallways before going out of the hotel. Haha!

Loved this jumpshot of Danica. Her head looked weird. Haha!

Me and Danica. :)

Had to have a jumpshot too!

Like always we had a World Of Fun (WOF) date. Her fave is that claw game that always cheats!

When we went to SM, no movie was going to start in the next hour so we bought the 7:30 pm tickets to Green Hornet. Meanwhile, we ate some Takoyaki from Red Tako and Jolly Hotdog from Jollibee in the food court.

Yum Yum!

My fave bacon and cheese takoyaki from The Red Tako by Mitsuo.

We saw Rda in the food court. You still owe me my Beanbag Coffee igit!

Rda bought school supplies for Danica as birthday gifts. :)

Goofin around. :)

The movie ended late but we still wanted to have dinner, so we decided to go to Miggy's since we weren't able to eat there the night before.

It was like a beach dinner w/ the earthy ambiance.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel for a lovely massage. Mom went first so I finished around 2am. It's been so long since I had a massage. Wish I could have one every week.

Had my nails done that afternoon.

Having my massage. :)

Sunday was my flight back to Manila. Had to run a few errands before I left. I asked Danica to give me company. But before all those errands, we took advantage of the hotel's infinity pool!

Swimming at Avenue Plaza Hotel with sisters.

Honee had a facial at SkinSystems.

My bestfriend, Che, is getting married soon and I had to get my measurements done by Jimbo Apostol, but his shop was closed when we went. Argh!

We went to the supermarket to buy pasalubong. Danica was very patient, she hates walking. Hehe.

After my errands, Danica went back to the hotel to check if Honee was done with her facial. I went to Beanbag to have some of my fave Caramel Frap. I can't leave Naga w/o going to Beanbag. :)

Beanbag empty during Sunday lunch. Had the place all to myself. :)

We had lunch at Bigg's before my 1pm flight. One of Danica's teeth fell off! Haha!

Last photo with my girls before I went back to Manila.

Waiting for my Airphil flight at Pili airport.

This is one of the best weekends I've had with my family. I miss you guys already!

**separate blogposts will be done for the restos we've eaten at. :)


Denise said...

thank you! Proud mommy ako.

happy bday to your sister.

yummy naman!

ezra said...

tnx denise!

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