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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Got Me Some New Eyes! (Naga City. December 2010)

SM Naga. J&B Sunrise Optical

Last day of the year last year, we went to the mall to watch a movie. But sister asked to go by the optical shop first to check out some contact lenses.

I'm a skeptic. Contacts can blind you, you know?

So we went to the first optical shop we saw, J&B Sunrise Optical. Lots of contacts to choose from. I didn't really know what brand was good because I haven't had time to do research. And I usually do research before I buy something, esp. something I will put directly to my naked eyes. So I wasn't buying that day. Or so I thought.

Sister looked around and decided she wanted to try on some colors. Assistant was very (super) patient in teaching her to put them on and take them off. It took her so long, I was laughing at her. One time, I swore I could've peed my pants coz sister was almost drooling while swearing at the damn contacts for not cooperating. LOL.

At the end, sister decided to take the hazel colored contacts at Php 850 a pair (6 mos life). Assistant said I should buy one too coz they had a promo, Php 1500 for 2 pairs. Like P 100 is so much. Haha! But I gave in and said I'd try a pair. It was my first time ever to do it.

OMG, it was so hard to put the contacts on! It was like poking your eye, over and over again. I swore like a witch everytime the contacts fell off. And then we would laugh so hard, you'd think we were high! Everytime we'd successfully put the contacts on, we'd screech with delight. And you know that moment when you're so excited you finally put the contacts on without blinding yourself and how you're smiling like crazy? And then you suddenly realize you don't know how to freakin remove them??? And how panic rushes from the pit of your gut up to your racing heart in a split second? I felt that. Relief. Excitement. Joy. PANIC. All in the same mili second. Sister saw the fear in my eyes and laughed like a hyena! We were so mental. Teary eyed and laughing non-stop! Fun times.

I tried the green one. I liked it! Sister wouldn't let me buy it though. They said I looked like a Lobo (Werewolf).

I've always wanted to get contacts coz it would be oh so convenient when I'm going to a party in a dress and a pair of prescription glasses would totally ruin my style. So I convinced myself that if the pair I got were no good, or if go blind, I can always sue the damn clinic.

I got the grey ones. They look blue in direct light. Excuse my eyebags please.

So now, I wear a pair. And it's not so bad. I wish I can wear them longer (more than 8hrs), so I'm thinking of getting O2 contact lenses. A friend said you can wear them for 6 days straight. Now that would be awesome!

Look it says 175, but they still gave me 200 graded contacts. What does it mean?

My (prescription glasses) grade is 200. Eye doc gave me the same grade for the contacts we bought. Another user (friend) said though, that the contacts should have a lower grade. I have to do research on that when I buy another pair.

Our new eyes! Exciting!

+ Php 1500 for two pairs of colored True Colors contacts (6 mos life)
+ two 360ml All-In-One-Solution for Php 500
+ two small packs of old school solutions for Php 240 (each contained 2 small containers w/ solutions, I thought we needed those for when we can't bring the big botttle)

We saw a movie after (Tanging Ina - Last Na To!), it was my first time to see a movie with my contacts on. It was awesome!

J&B Sunrise Optical
2nd level, SM Naga.
Tel. No. : 480-2935
Cell : 0909-6353768

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